Marco and Leontine Borsato marriage

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Marco and Leontine Borsato marriage

04 February, 2020 17:06
04-02-20 at 17:06
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Marco Borsato and, Leontine Borsato their relationship ended. The leader of the two, does this have to be be confirmed from the date of notification by the night.

Last year, there have been rumors that the couple would go on. When it was announced that the lead singer of ten years was having an affair with a pianist Iris Hond. In a comment on social media, he described the contact as a friendship that went on than I had anticipated’.

He announced in January, with work tentatively to put down because of ‘burn-out’. “The impact of what happened in the last few years that has happened, I do not want to be processed. I’ve had a long period of time is needed for me to fully re-charge it before I go back to may again,” did he know about it.