Klaasje moved back to the Netherlands

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Punishment in the news: Klaasje Meijer, K3 has one in Antwerp is cancelled, and is ready to move to the Netherlands. According to Day, All of them are going to Klaasje to her best friend, Max, in the far-Rotterdam-live. The 24-year-old girl and her friend see each other rarely, Klaasje seems to be moving on to give in more to her friend, to want to be with. The move has, as a result of that, the blonde from the K3 is a lot more mileage with the car, you will have to balls to be on her way. The shows are mostly on weekends, but the K3 also features a tv recording and they are mostly in Flanders took place.

“It’s nice to have in addition to the Max to wake up. Sometimes it is not until after midnight, at home, and then I wait for him to have a cup of tea. I’m going to be late, and if he does it for me,” says Klaasje excited to be in this. When her friend, who hopes to Klaasje there is more to his room. They not only share the bed, and with the same passion. Klaasje Max and exercise are also often combined, do not even have to go to a museum, or enjoy a nice meal.