Johnny Voners lands jubileumtoer in Fakkeltheater

9b0bd7453c804214b0f9cffda8b67981 - Johnny Voners lands jubileumtoer in Fakkeltheater

Exactly one month to land Johnny Voners his jubilee tour for his 75th birthday, in the Fakkeltheater. This time around we are treated to a lovely, charming dance numbers. On the basis of that Aznavour will take Johnny Voners the audience on a trip through his own life story from the very beginning. There is laughter, there is joy, and it is a musical gem! As the wine is, also, Johnny is more mature with the years. Accompanied by a jazz combo singing Johnny Voners, this time in English…, but also a strong whiff of the French language. Betty Mellaerts, Sabien Tiels, Johnny himself, and his daughter, Els hertaalden a few Aznavour-chansons. A captivating tribute to this icon of the French chanson.

And THEN…AND THEN…VONERS, it is to be seen from 4th march to the 8th of march, in the Black Room of the Fakkeltheater. A unique experience in itself.

Johnny Voners as well as jazz combo:
Bram Weijters-or, Stijn Wauters (piano)
Wouter Berlaen and Peter Verhaegen (contrabas)
Eric, a Zipper or a Tibo Polleunis (drums)