Erika Van Tielen away from the Family?

55a3c13a9def0c05dd613402e43b3e0b - Erika Van Tielen away from the Family?

Kürt Rogiers in this week for some of the remarkable statements about the Family in the video call with The Latest News. Thus, there is a lot of clarity on the gestation of Veronique, the, this week, two couples are formed and disappear, are televisiezus Amelie, the role of Erika Van Tielen. But it fades Natalie is also a final decision of the VTM-series?

In the images we see at the time what Natalie packed up and ready to switch off the light and disappear into the night. However, it also means the end for the actress, Erika Van Tielen? Or disappearance of Natalie is only temporary…? She leaves a note for James, and just as the door behind them, and there, the light of her MOBILE phone at the… continued on next page…