Dorien Reynaert: I am all for her love’

Dorien Reynaert: I am all for her love'

Don’t worry, everything you need is a mustache, between Dorien Reynaert and her husband, Robin. The two are still happily married. Dorien Reynaert was in the first two months on the set of the Family, and played the role of Alex. Monday was to be her last filming for the next job!

“After 2 very intense, very busy, but oh-so-fun couple of months, today is my last filming for “the Family”. I am so thankful for this given chance and it was no hotter team needs in order to create a new role to be allowed to explore and play,” he writes, Dorien, on Instagram. Dorien, played for two months, in the role of Alex, and she has nothing but good memories of it. The viewers will make it soon on the screen to know the rest. “Alex was an interesting character for me to learn new things and I am all for her love. I’m very curious as to what you, the viewers, it is going to be found. Thank you cast & crew for the great rotation rates, and have a lot of luck in the future… but I’m going to miss out on!”, the decision, Dorien.