Tuesday night in the Boerenjaar FOUR

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As a farmer in the year 2020, it also means a business, investing, and thinking about the future. Even in the field, it is stationary is reduced. We are all aware that the able-bodied economiestudent, and a farmer’s son, Olivier, if no one else does. He’s looking at the parental veebedrijf to place a new emphasis on the agriculture of the future. For him, this is about much more than just a job, “Jack ” Olivier” brand in. His egg of Columbus, it is a high-kwaliteitsei out of a mobile chicken run. Thanks to the award-winning stable, eat of his passes, staff will always be fresh grass. And Olivier are some of the top chefs to his clients and count on.

In Dikkebus near Ypres, walking She Delanotte in the meantime, if the excited Duracell bunny between the kids and the knolselders, for a time, it is the most valuable asset of every farm.

Bio-boer, Pieter, is a typical farmer, for he has not a farm. But the art took shape on the grounds of the abbey of Herkenrode. He came to geitenboer Daring to put on the sacred meadows of the abbey, together, and cast them into the boerenbusiness. If, however, Carl decides to move on, to move, to break it do so at…