The exclusive guitar amplifier from Balthazar Amps


The exclusive guitar amplifier from Balthazar AmpsThe exclusive guitar amplifier from Balthazar AmpsAlbert Deinum of Kauffmann’s Guitar Store with the first Film Noir, the 18

At this time, the emphasis is on the craft, they are also builders of musical instruments and amplifiers are becoming more and more aware of the value of hand-made, small-scale products. “Boutique amps” are a concept.

We caught up with Balthazar de Ley, and Jacco Kuipers, the founder of one of the best new versterkerbouwers, Balthazar Amps, and in honor of the release of their amplifiers at Kauffmann’s Guitar Store (Alphen aan den Rijn, the netherlands.

With a name like Balthazar de Ley was, the company quickly determined that“this is what happens when you have parents, you have to choose from during the height of the hippietijdperk”). His French education had led to a taste for the good life, as well as the French names for the amp models. Be the first one to two stacks, with the Film’s Noir, 50’s, and Film Noir-18 combo is a tribute to the French cinema movement, by the spring of smaller Cabaret and a 13 ” combo, named after the French cabaret and the theatre.

So, where do the ideas for the amps come from? Balthazar: “I have spent years in the studio, and the tools of the Smashing Pumpkins is kept running. In addition to get very interesting, with the old fees. One of my favorites was the Selmer Treble & Bass, a somewhat obscure amp from the early / mid – ’60s, which was known as the first Pink Floyd album. The amp had a unique, rich sound, but it was a bit annoying, is that there is very little to find.

After a lot of experimentation, decided that for Balthazar at the end of 2016 in order to have a job as a studio engineer and technician, and is working fulltime in the construction of power amplifiers to the landfill. The workshop is on the west side of Chicago, in a neighborhood that is more in the news as a probleemwijk as an incubator for innovative start-ups. Jacco: “Let’s just say that there are good locks on the door, but it’s a place where you have a cheap room to rent, and where it won’t be much of a problem if you have noise in the process of development”.

How do you decide as a company where you can take your time and focus on the point? Balthazar: “Our goal is to provide every guitarist with a good matching amp to have. The Film Noir in the 50’s for a medium or large-scale performances, the power and the sounds to fit best in a larger room. The game will only get better 18, it is more focused on a smaller audience and in the studio. For our upcoming Cabaret at 13 and is intended primarily for the studio, it’s a smaller venue or a bar, and it comes with reverb and tremolo as well as the effects that the guitarist on that scale is almost always required”.

As a young company, it is very difficult to get your products into the spotlight to play it. That was when Balthazar Amps are no different. Balthazar: “We’ll have to have the amp on several stock markets dropped, and even though that, to acclaim and led to a guitarist who’s into the ‘boutique’ segment is a power amplifier would like to buy, like in all the rest, test it, preferably with his or her own guitar and effects. We have also made contact with the gitaarwinkels of unique instruments, and of course to offer”. It is for this reason that the Film Noir is 18 in the uk, at Kauffmann’s available. Jacco: ‘Cost of Kauffmann’s – Ed.] it was after one chord is gone!”

What’s next? Jacco: “I was at the time only agreed to participate in the company as well as a bass amp in the mix would come out. I’ve been a fan of the Ampeg Portaflex, but the problem is that it has little ability to get out of the studio and to be able to use it. So, my dream is an amp that in the ’60s Portaflex sound but with a much higher wattage so that it can be used for execution”. The name was: “Le Deluge.

The exclusive guitar amplifier from Balthazar AmpsThe exclusive guitar amplifier from Balthazar Amps

The exclusive guitar amplifier from Balthazar AmpsThe exclusive guitar amplifier from Balthazar Amps