Ghent Farcetheater to start with the first image

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The city Farcetheater will begin this week with the first chapter of what will hopefully be a good story it will be. The driving force, and the actor, Anthony Van Caeneghem had managed to get a strong cast together for the first part of “I watch the little ones”

The protagonist, Peter Van Asbroeck (p.a “home away from Home’, ‘Zone Stad’ and ‘Help, my husband is a handyman’) all we need to do, of course, would be unbearable. Christel Doomen has played for a long time, oh.a. “Home,” and ” Lili and Marleen. Chris Van Espen became best known for ‘To the Stars’, where he has copies of oh.a. Sam Gooris, and Showbizz Bart. Jamie-Lee, Six, that makes her theaterdebuut, the audience will be for her, especially knowing Ketnetserie ‘D5R’. In addition to the founder of the theatre, Anthony Van Caenegem, there is still a role to be played by Anton Cogen. That last one is 73 and one of the most experienced actor of the group. People may know him from the o for a while.a. ‘Merlina’, ‘po box X’ and ‘Mega Mindy’.

“Harry Vermeulen, Peter Van Asbroeck) at will, and a thank you for babysitting the babies of friends. His wife, Inez (Christel Doomen) must, in addition, urgent, the way to a party to the action. Caught between the bears and the clothes, the shorts and the pads, papjes and the pieces he’s making a huge mess out of it. When his friend, Sam (Chris Van Espen), on the door, will he have to go to a Star Wars exhibition on. I call, therefore, in great haste his niece, Jamie-Lee, Six) in order to be ‘baby-sitting’, but which turns out to Paris to sit in. However, they decided to go in. We came home, the baby is gone. And then a young and ambitious inspector Anthony Van Caeneghem), and the latter a member of Anton Applications that are on the come up. Thus, the problems are not only in but in.
The director of this production of Dutchman, A of Which is in the hands of his women’s race.”