Eva Vanduren in the MODEL to get started

14854287f01d6d39eec0adcc67d189c6 - Eva Vanduren in the MODEL to get started

On Monday, the 10th of February, you can be on TV-Limburg and enjoy the first episode of the new programme is to come to Limburg. In addition, we would welcome Eva, Vanduren, as a new face on our tv channel. Eva will be varied, Rudi Moesen as to the presentation of the programme for her to take care of this.
“With Hello, Limburg -, we offer all People the opportunity to show their beautiful, warm and human stories to share with us. Where are your viewers are doing, and what are the stories we should be sure not to miss it,” said Rudi Moesen.
However, we also show our hospitality. It may be that there is a well-known or less well-known guests from outside the county into our studio and jumped.
Eva is excited to bring this new adventure to begin. “I think it’s perfectly fine to take my first steps as a tv presenter at TV Limburg may or may not be. Presentation has always been a dream of mine. I expect that it will be a new exciting adventure is going to be a lot of nice moments. The atmosphere here is certainly very good.”

Any ideas, suggestions, activities, or other things that will definitely be addressed in the “Hello, Limburg and are always to be forwarded to:
“Hello, Limburg – as of February 10th, each day of the week between 10: 00 and 12: 30 and 14: 30 and 18: 30 on the MODEL.