Blind-Married: Jonah Hulselmans

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Who is Jonah Hulselmans at the lodge to walk to English. Does that name ring a bell? The Victor of the last season, it was also Safe. Coincidence, or was it the Best in Victor, the inspiration to do so? The best is 30 years old and an IT consultant/company director.

Jonah is an IT consultant and application developer, but it’s not the classic IT geek’. He describes himself as cheerful and good-natured, a real go-getter, and at times can be stubborn, out of the corner. And he just bought a house that he has for a long time to grow. The best is athletic and musical (as he has been playing the piano beautifully, has a well-developed sense of style and a love for great design. He’s looking for a woman of the world, and good-natured, cheerful, and natural. What he expects from a relationship? Smile, laugh, and smile, and even laugh at it.