Blind Is Married To Christophe Ramont

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A little while ago, it took the makers of the Blind, Married and known to be the 38-year-old Christophe Ramont, from Gent, to be married with Nick. Christopher is ten years older than Nick, but that does not necessarily have to be a problem.

Christopher describes himself as ” honest, always positive and enthusiastic, as a citizen of the world, lovers of arts and culture, and a foodie himself was not able to cook. He is looking for a partner to have dreams and adventures to share, but also to the miseries and the misfortunes have to deal with some of the life. Honesty, trust, communication and unconditional, to each other, are the crucial values in a relationship. The ideal partner is funny, smart, has a great sense of initiative and a strong relativeringsvermogen. For the Day is to get married is very important. That is not something you do ‘just because’. “You’re going to have a commitment to be with someone for a long period of time, and that’s, hopefully, only one time”.