Author Mary Root: ‘Meaninglessness of life-the air is on

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Author Mary Root: ‘Meaninglessness of life-the air is on

03-February-2020 05:38 pm
03-02-20 05:38 pm
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Author Mary Root, may find that some people shy away or get angry when they say that life is meaningless is. The air is a Root itself, just to look at the life she said Sunday in a interview with the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant.

“I think it is life, and life is pretty pointless: we have to be born and to die, in the meantime, you have to be as good as possible, to get through,” said One. “But, as I say, from that stupidity, for example, if I’m going to read to you, I see a lot of people shy away. If they are angry, maybe it’s because they think I’m living a sentence to hear it.”

“I’m the air, the right to life is meaningless, because it makes me free”, will Root any further. “What helps is that I have a great talent and lucky for me. When I feel lonely, I there are always really good.”