The singing real estate agent is going to get the win in the Huizenjagers

c05fe371958dc73ca149c9cb4f31f267 - The singing real estate agent is going to get the win in the Huizenjagers

In the third week of the Huizenjagersseizoen is located in the world heritage City. The region is known for living the good life with the heart of the authentic city of Bruges. The real estate agents, Anitha, Date, and Mark, are all equally authentic.

The first agent is to Anitha, she has been the managing director of Morpho real Estate, follow instructions above. Anitha has Indian roots and is a fashion designer by training, however, she lost her heart to the world of real estate. With her radiant smile and it will pain her for the win.

Countries, which are the two real estate broker, a real estate broker with a passion. However, he is still only 30 years old but it runs, however, on its own initiative, for the last two years of his office in Torhout. He was born in the monitor at the youth group, and has developed into a real leader. The date will remain dreams and will be residing in the future to further expand.

In the latter, real estate is definitely by no means least, Marc is well-known as ” the singing real estate agent. Marc is a real estate agent with a heart and a soul, and thinks it’s the best job that there is. It combines the world of real estate, like with his love of music, and that will be his colleagues in the city every day to experience!

Monday: Lisa and Lisa are living together with their young son in a house that is too small will begin to be made for the family. They are looking for a larger home in the near Torhout. The couple also wants to have a motor to buy for them, so be sure to have a workshop.