Now He pulls the door behind her back

d68c833db32353e139a7cd083a7d8210 - Now He pulls the door behind her back

This past weekend, it was 31 years ago that the VTM’s from the start. Sunday night there was a big piece of history is complete: Now He might be after more than 31 years of age, the lights of the news studio in Vilvoorde (belgium). In 1989, it presented While He is then, together with Her De Sloovere, the first news broadcast on tv. All of the broadcasts were up to Sunday night from Vilvoorde, belgium, was the studio’s first to be at Luchthavenlaan. In 1993, it moved to the VTM to the Brussel. On Sunday, it was on it’s last Vilvoordse VTM the NEWS is made.

On Monday, the nieuwsankers the Mediaplein in Antwerp and is expected to be the new studio was solemnly open. In the building of a BATCH of Media, on the back of the station Antwerpen-Centraal, it has been the past few months, a new studio is being built. The editors of VTM’s NEWS will be on the second and third floors. In the past few weeks, all nieuwsankers on several occasions run into the studio, sat night it will be for the viewers of the VTM’s again for a moment to adjust to. In the news, there will be more and more professional in appearance, and there was a lot of money to be invested in new technologies.