Follow in real time the performance of the 8 participants of the ” Blind-Married

Follow in real time the performance of the 8 participants of the " Blind-Married

On Monday, February 3, fans can find out who the 8 people are in for a special episode of the online talk show of the Blind, got Married, hosted by Sean Dhondt, and Bab Buelens. Plan, and These speeddaten with the participants in the Blind, got Married experts, each with their own expertise and give you tips about the trade. This is not because it is intended that the Plan and the Regulation, on the basis of all of the collected info to be able to participants to try and match it. As a result, the viewers are doing the same.

Plan, and These host and, later, Blind-Married: Aftermath’ After each and every episode in the VTM, enables fans are Blind and are Married furthermore live online talk show on the VTM CHANGE. Each episode follows a theme, and the transmission antenna (in the us, it is marriage, living together,…). Eye-catching events is the start of an interesting talk to the participants, former participants, experts, streamlined, Sean Dhondt, and Bab Buelens.

Sean: last year, I allowed myself to be the official “voice” of the Blind, got Married to call it, which is good, because I have all the episodes, it’s already a little bit earlier than the rest of Flanders will have to see it! (laughs) so, When the question was asked in order to this season as well as the aftershow to the host, I was immediately excited! For now, I’m also following each and every episode, along with the viewer to be able to add a lot of extras, and the answers to the pressing questions of the trip, the couples are even getting to know you better. In addition, the fact that we have this year, for the first time in a homokoppel welcome to the program, and is something that I really look forward to! How can you match that two men and which is a source of friction, and moments that arise in such a marriage, and possibly love?
And for that, I can work with These to do, it makes it only more fun, because they are from a female perspective, sometimes completely different questions, or perspectives on the same situation or have the same “problem” is that when the program comes to the fore. Anyone know any tips to get me out soon, still more to go in my own marriage. (laughs)”