Festival launches new digital platform

e9c22f4dd777881dbab8c12e1931f84d - Festival launches new digital platform

Copies can turn on a digital gear up and launch, today, Tuesday, January 28, 2020, which is a new web site, the app and the digital edition on your tablet. “Broadway pioneering: for the first time, picks up a magazine with an extended digital offering,” says Bart Vanegeren, editor-in-chief of the Festival.

The Festival, subscribers can from now on, every Tuesday, reading on a tablet device. The new digital magazine in-depth analysis, video, animation, and audio, the contents of all the Copies of that week. The clear navigation and nice design to ensure the ultimate in comfort.

On the new website and app of the Festival to find subscribers for the daily interviews, documents, and background information about the news of the day. The flagship product is an interactive tv & kijkgids, tips, interviews, and links to the very best of the regular channels, and streamingplatforms of all kinds. The kijkgids can give you a personal suggestion in a television, a movie or a tv series, on the basis of a review of the Copies of tv editing.