Evi Hanssen draws some of the biggest eyes in the ” Help, my boobs are now online.’

17aced2b6a423235d7f8749b0ab56fbe - Evi Hanssen draws some of the biggest eyes in the " Help, my boobs are now online.'

“He said he had a girl who was 14, and he asked me to masturbate in front of the webcam.” Tim has built an online friendship with the girl. At least, that’s what he thought. As Lisa was, in real life, Charles. And he was, in real life, he is a grown man of 21.

Groomers are everywhere on the internet. They are looking for contact with young people as a peer. The boys and the girls are oblivious.

Evi Hanssen is visiting Monday night in Craig, in the prison where he was imprisoned by a 5-year sentence for grooming. “It’s amazing to see how quickly the kids come along, in my games,” says Charlie, “They know not how dangerous the internet is.” Charles is now sorry for his crime. He wrote to his victim, in a letter, to be offered to apologise, but realised that his apology is too late. “What I did was wrong, and I can’t remove it. I can only hope that my story and the other children learn that they have to be wary of.”

Mia was 13 when she was raped by the Dutch, as a groomer, that they came to know. Maxime said that he was a young man of 17, but in reality, it’s an adult of 28. “I am very often in vienna in the room.” said Mia. “Out of sadness, but also anger, because I am smarter, he should have been.”

Evi Hanssen, the parents of the victims, look it up. What can be done and should be to you as a parent do to ensure that your child is in the trap? “I read in her inbox, all of a sudden that she had made an arrangement with an older guy,” says Cindy, the mother of three girls. “I’m at the very last moment to avoid that the event is staged. I am convinced that, As a large adult, but now I realize just how small she really is. I didn’t know that they were so naive.”