Comments after a narrow victory, as Ajax in the top match against PSV eindhoven

3bd054d6608051ae61703e4071435270 - Comments after a narrow victory, as Ajax in the top match against PSV eindhoven

Comments after a narrow victory, as Ajax in the top match against PSV eindhoven

02 February, 2020 at 11:53
02-02-20 at 11:53
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In the 21st round of the Premier league are Sunday’s four races on the program. Follow our liveblog.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I’ll keep you up to date on the Premier league matches today, with a special focus on the top match between Ajax amsterdam and PSV eindhoven.

  • Results:
  • Willem II-Heracles Almelo 1-0
  • VVV-Venlo-FC Utrecht 1-1
  • Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen (2-1
  • Ajax amsterdam-PSV eindhoven 1-0

Ajax-PSV · 2 hours ago

At the Hag: ‘Very happy with the win’
“I am very happy with this win, especially the way in which,” says the Ajax coach Erik ten Hag after the 1-0 win at PSV eindhoven. “I’ve got a team that are in a huge fight on the day and put. That was last week against FC Groningen (2-1 defeat, ed.). definitely not the case at all. I have found that the second half is not too bad, but it was clear, though, is that the air is going out. We have a lot of pressure to put on in the first half.”Ajax-PSV · 13 hours ago

Dest: ‘Played with discipline and focus
Following his departure to chelsea Sergiño Dest is a long time to wait for FOX Sports, as Erik ten Hag, still as loved in the locker room. “He gave us the compliments for the game that it is today. We played with discipline and focus. We have had great combos and great attacks, and we simply have to be sharper and were more likely to be able to score.”Ajax amsterdam-PSV eindhoven · 17 hours ago

On the Stream: ‘Give back a bit of self-confidence’
“We were just sitting there, but through it all, but in the first half, there were some good moments in the match, said following his departure to chelsea Donny van de Beek at the FOX Sports. “If we are to have the chances of a better finish, it was 2-0, 3-0. But what does it really matter? We have a winner. That will give me a bit of confidence.”Ajax-PSV · 19 hours ago

Faber: “Took us a bit of a tense football’
Ernest Faber is not in the hot broth to go with FOX Sports. “I have found us a bit cramped to play football in the first half. The training is going, everything is faster and everyone is aanspeelbaar, some of them still have a lot of trouble in order to make the right choice. In the second half, and we were able to get the balls for longer. If I sound like a word? Otherwise, I was not here, and I would leave in a hurry. We must also be critical of ourselves. We have had bad results. We have also, in the stadium stands to see it. It’s not a difficult story, but you have to take the lead.”Ajax-PSV · 26 minutes ago

Ihattaren: “We have to play football’
Mohamed Ihattaren acknowledge that the PSV is a staggering, weakness, the impression he made against Ajax (1-0). “You could see it, yes. No, it’s not the lack of football on the team, we are able to do,” said the teenager, who is in a agitated feeling in the direction of Bruma. “I was doing a spot and he was standing in his way, and he is the hearing, the ball does not touch it. Of course, I was getting frustrated. That was the point of irritation.”Ajax-PSV · 37 minutes ago

Dumfries: “It is what it is at the moment
“In the first half, we gave too many chances away. They were awarded for the lead. We will restore us in the second half and were stronger on the ball, and is more and more important, is the reaction of the pitch-captain Denzel Dumfries in front of the camera on FOX Sports. “We have to be ourselves, and more rewarding. We can score a little bit. It is what it is at this point in time.”Ajax amsterdam-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago

A Dominant Ajax, in spite of blessuregolf along the BACKLINE
In a one-sided hit Ajax with a 1-0 win of PSV eindhoven. The Locals are in their own home, the lord and master, against the poverty-stricken Locals, but only the Quincy Promes know the brilliant Lars-Unnerstall-to-pass. The same Promes hits, however, just before half-time, injured his hamstring, as well as Ryan Babel in the second half. Earlier also, Joel Veltman out with an injury. That’s how the Locals in particular are not unscathed from the battle, but the three points ahead at the top of the Premier league.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden90+3′ Unnerstall with a goal to bring to the fore, and the ball is still in his head. In the header, however, is too far away for Onana to be a surprise.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden90+1′ Into injury time, the space, the field has become so vast, that it is a miracle that it was most likely in a 1-0 is going to end.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden88, ” It is, indeed, Tadic, however, the kosovo Serb shot in the wall. Both teams are long now, at the end of it. The PSV will be delivered from powerlessness, the Ajax is coming into physical get through it.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden88 Box wins a free kick in a promising position following a breach of Dumfries. The different candidates have to report for the windfall, but it’s going to be Tadic to be.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden86′ Eiting has the full ninety minutes to completed this season, and so it is not surprising, therefore, that his leg cramps are getting. He will, however, have to bite for Ajax, and has for more than twenty minutes ago that his final bill is made.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden83 Box, tap the ball around at the edge of the sixteen-on the pitch, but it does not have to be a free schietkans. In the end Of the valley, which is out of it, but his effort is into the corner handles away from the crowds.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden80, ” The match is very sloppy now. Ajax is lagging a little bit in two minds: on the edge to defend, or to continue searching for a second goal. In the back of my mind, the Locals will play, no doubt, that there is no more control. Walter, meanwhile, is still attacking a dead faint.Ajax amsterdam-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago

Ryan Babel is being investigated, but it may not get very far. The midfielder is the third player who is injured must be in the Box.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden71′, Meanwhile, is More Finished as it has come to the PSV. The Swiss full-lost the Oscar Boscagli, who has just escaped a penalty against them. Rodriguez is the fourth of Switzerland, on behalf of the pitch, following Johann Vogel and Johan Vonlanthen and Toni Allemann.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden69′ Dest goes in the box on the leg of a Boscagli. Coopers will have none of it and signals that it is the right back from Ajax, to the full advantage for yourself is too much to look up to. We are curious to see if any addition, Kuipers, and VAR is the Bass to Publish more and more people are those that assess the…Ajax amsterdam-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago

In spite of the gap, and the dominant state in the face of Erik ten Hag is not happy. For the year, coach of the Locals, it’s three injuries, it’s the gift and wisselmogelijkheden to go.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden66 ” It is, let’s have a look what formation Ajax, the front is now Promes, and Babylon, were cut off. Great to see you playing Mazraoui hanging on the left side, it runs Traoré at the forefront, and continues to Tadic on the right hand side.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden64, ” A long attack for a list of finishes for Tadic. The Serb has a replica of his goal against Real Madrid in the previous season, had in mind, but the sight is significantly less sharp than that legendary night in Madrid, spain.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden63 Ryan Babel is looking to the dug-out, and Noussair Mazraoui in the field, they will come.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden62, ” It’s hard to believe, but it is also Babylon, when on the move, and that he did not go any further. Also, the gun-for-hire of the Club has a problem with his hamstring.Ajax amsterdam-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago

This is one hell of Lars Unnerstall in the picture. What salvation it is, it is hard to say, because he has been there quite a few made it.Ajax amsterdam-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago

In this step it went wrong at the Quincy Promes.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden55′ Dumfries throws himself at the risk of his own life, for a ball from Tadic. It’s actually a wait for Ajax to have the score continue to develop.Ajax-PSV in one hour geleden53, ” The siege of the PSV-goal by Ajax is in the second half, and without prejudice to any further. The Locals, however, have to deal a lot with the ball, and the games are not fast and accurate enough to go for the New defence to play with.Ajax-PSV in one hour geledenHet it was a bombing raid on Ajax for the purpose of Lars Unnerstall in the first half.

16 – PSV have faced 16 shots in the first half of an Eredivisie game for the first time since December 2015. (v Speed). After the world cup.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen17:39 am – February 2, 2020Ajax RANGE one day ago

A balende of Quincy Promes to leave just before half-time in the field with a hamstring injury.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden48 Of the Stream will once again take a deep breath and cut away by Tadic. The efforts of the midfield is by Unnerstall at the zijnet. Ajax, however, is not the corner, to the great dismay of the main Stream.VVV-Venlo-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

Post, sheets may occur Higler in penaltymoment Utrecht
VVV-Venlo team captain Danny, the Post criticises the performance of referee Dennis Higler during a penaltymoment for FC Utrecht and, after a rest. The referee ordered a penalty kick from Simon Gustafson, who is the goalkeeper Kirschbaum, hit, take, as Chris Kum from the TOURIST information office, asked his friend, and as a result the rebound harmlessly with his hands. In the article, it was known as tap, for the new post: 1-to-1. “In the second, a penalty, a player of FC Utrecht’s too early, but that may be because he is on the ball for hits. I don’t know the rule, if it could, it’s still just as good to explain it. I will have to listen.”Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden47′ Tadic gets a yellow because he was visibly on the t-shirt of the Gakpo is going to hang around in a dangerous disease outbreak in the bud.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden46, ” The ball is rolling again for the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Ajax is 1-0 for PSV, but it has to be two times will have to change. Breaks down that the people of Amsterdam took place.Ajax-PSV · 2 hours ago

The flip side of the coin, of course, for scorer Quincy Promes. The linkeraanvaller hurt his hamstring on the failed step and it shows that it needs to be changed.Ajax-PSV · 2 hours ago

In addition to Promes to lose Ajax, Joel Veltman in the first half with an injury.Ajax-PSV · 2 hours ago

Shortly after the goal, may,, Quincy Promes is still dancing, but now he has an apparent hamstring injury in the field should be abandoned. That injury was not at this dance but after a failed step.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geledenSchoten in the first half:

Ajax: 18, 9 of which were on goal
PSV eindhoven: 4, of which 1 is on the doelAjax RANGE · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! Ajax is the master in its own house ADVANTAGE. The Locals have no say in it and should be allowed the goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall be thankful that it was only 1-0. The only Quincy Promes know, it’s like, but it must be at the start of the rest injured, have it replaced. Earlier also, Joel Veltman, with a risk of injury, and also in Ajax, it is not without accident that the first half was absolutely awful.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden45+4′ Promes should actually be, and are looking for swearing in the dressing room at the. He will be replaced by Lassina Traoré. So Ajax this afternoon, more to his own fear than it looks.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden45+3 of the Promes are trying to Babylon, with a heel-to-reach, but it would be disastrous. Not only will Babylon not be reached, but in the end gets in to the action to hurt, and it makes the wisselgebaar. It is silent for a moment, in the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, ArenA.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden44′ once Again, a good rescue of Unnerstall. He taps it with a beautiful swan dive to have a shot of the Dest and just under the crossbar from. The uittrappen of the keeper and are run for the kids, but with his athletic ability, and related search and rescue flights is a good thing.Ajax-PSV · 2 hours ago

Ajax-PSV · 2 hours ago

Donny van de Beek and Quincy Promes will celebrate the opening goal of the latter.Ajax-PSV · 2 hours ago

Donny van de Beek, to test Lars Unnerstall, who is the second attempt with a toe save. In the meantime, the German, the final item looks to already be passed out by Quincy Promes.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden38 Box hunts get started right away on more bets. For a quick escape and ends up over Babylon; Tadic, and From the river by Tagliafico, who is about to shoot.Ajax-PSV · 2 hours ago –a 35′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-0

It was inevitable, and there it was, the opening goal for Ajax was fine. Donny van de Beek, you can go straight through the city center to go, and only at the last moment had come. This is the ball to be sure about the path of Quincy Promes, who is Lars Unnerstall will pass with placid slider is in the far corner.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden33′ BACKLINE may be Unnerstall grateful to have been in the first half. Eiting there is a man just at the head of Babylon, and that his header is caught will be out by the German goalkeeper.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden31 ” It is, indeed, with Veltman, who have been redeemed by Schuurs. That is, it is still a concern for Ajax, where you At the Hag, after half an hour, so his first change you need to use.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden30′ Tadic tries Of the river is deep, but the Serbian captain was careless in his passing. The top goal scorer of last season, has been challenging the form has not yet been repaired.Ajax, PSV · 2-hour geleden30 ” The veelzegende stats after half an hour of football at the ArenA: Ajax has the nine shots fired, four of which on goal), the PSV is not in any noticeable effort.Back to top

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