We Kharmach in diapers: I am still in all, though, it’s worth it’

We Kharmach in diapers: I am still in all, though, it's worth it'

Before We Kharmach, it was a special week, as the comic is, for the first time, and daddy and that is his greatest happiness. The comedy star told us Saturday morning in the Kim Debrie on the Radio, 2 of the very, very, very excited about the birth of his daughter Loubna.
“I’m very, very, very happy, and I’m really falling in love with her. It is a prachtkind, I’m totally confused”, beams a proud father. “I’m very impressed with all that is involved in such a birth, that is the real punishment. I just got my first eindejaarsconference be allowed to do so, and I was a leader at home and in the hundreds of thousands of people have looked at. There were also good reviews about it, and I thought, ‘wow, I’m a genius because, as a child, that is going to go up,” says the new dad.

“With the birth of my child, it was so intense that I don’t know how to use my emotions to get you to go on and change I am always in a bad joker. My wife has been working hard on and that started with very hard pain to get to, and I will respond with the statement, ” yes, yes, and all this for 90 euro family allowances) per month. The gynecologist looked at me in a keiboos, but I was just joking around. “Sir, do you have it’s not about that, did that, when I use replication with “no, it’s kraamgeld the jackpot’. “

Those At the Kharmach to talk, you will know that it’s an animated conversation, and it was Saturday morning at about 7.50 a.m. is no different. Kim Debrie had several occasions to laugh. “I had to be at the birth, and the head of my wife’s support, but I’ve got a cramp in my calf while my wife and other aches and pains I experienced. Thus, it was not the time to take my pain and express it, so I have been through the pain of the bite. At a certain point early in the beginning and how has it been for you? “and I thought that she is against me doing that, I responded with, “it was painful to watch for me, but I’m still recovering’. The woman looked at superboos,” laughs Kamal.