THE advocates of peace the lead against Groningen

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THE advocates of peace the lead against Groningen

01-February-2020 18:15
01-02-20 at 18:15
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In the Club standing Saturday night with four races on the program were: ADO Den Haag-Vitesse (0-0), Feyenoord-FC Emmen, FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam (both at 19: 45 started) and PEC Zwolle and FC Groningen started at 20: 45). Follow the matches, in this liveblog.

  • Premier league
  • Round 21
  • LIVE:
  • THE Netherlands (1-0)
  • Results:
  • The ADO-Vitesse 0-0
  • Feyenoord-Emmen 3-0
  • Twente-Sparta 2-0

PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden71′ FC Groningen push for more and more and more and so there will be space for the transition to THE Theatre. The home side is coming out, but the shot goes in, the zijnet.FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · the 3-minute geledenDe the players of FC Twente, to celebrate the victory over Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands, the fans around the world.

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AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen22:06 am – February 1, 2020PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen · an 8-minute geleden64 After the break, dominating, FC Groningen, Zwolle, the netherlands, but is really big chances are the visitors will not come.PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen · is a 17-minute geleden55 In the hunt for the final may FC Groningen addition, Daishawn Redan, however, make good use of it, but the young attacker is not in speelgerechtigd, and it may be a new team not yet at your service.PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen · 25 minutes to geleden46′ We play football again in the PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen (1-0). In the second half, and it’s on its way.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · 26 minutes ago

Mountain house is happy with the addition Özyakup
“With 3-0, I’m quite satisfied with it, but we can do much better. Be sure to hit the ball. You will play a lot easier, especially in a home of their own.”, says Team leader Steven Berghuis-after the end at FOX Sports. “You see, when Oguzhan Özyakup is that he has 44 international matches played in Turkey. He’s a guy out there immediately.”FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · 35 minutes ago

2️⃣ – Noah is the 4th player for both Ajax and FC Twente 1-Premier-league – season scores
Noa Is A Long – 2019/2020
Hakim Ziyech – 2016/2017
Ronald de Boer – 1992/1993
René Notten – 1974/1975
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AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen21:36 on February 1, 2020Feyenoord-FC Emmen · 36 minutes ago

Recorddebutant Özyakup leads to a simple victory, we’re going to be in
Oguzhan Özyakup is leading with a goal scored an easy 3-0 win in the Team on FC Emmen. The 27-year-old has until the end of the season, thanks to Liverpool, scoring after only 1 minute and 33 seconds in for the 1-0. Nicolai Jorgensen and Luis Sinisterra are half responsible for the other goals scored by the team’s coach, Dick Advocaat.FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · 36 minutes ago

Over! It was a long, long time, not the best, but FC Twente will win with 2-0 by Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands. He Bees (header), and Noah Long shot in the short corner of the goal for the Tukkers. Spartan, Mohamed Rayhi will turn red (double yellow).Feyenoord-FC Emmen · 39 minutes geleden90 ” There will be three more minutes in The Tub.FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · 41 mins ago –a 90′ GOAL for FC Twente. 2-0

Noa is a Long time, but it is the fate of Sparta Rotterdam in the second goal for FC Twente. A long time, that is, until the end of the season, thanks to Ajax, you have to shoot is viewed from the short corner.PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen · 41 minutes ago

Peace of mind! PEC Zwolle lead halfway through with a 1-0 against FC Groningen, thanks to a hit by Yuta Nakayama.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · 41 minutes ago

The discharge is high at the Club after the 2-0 by Nicolai Jørgensen. In the meantime, shows that the state is already 3-0, after the match Luis Sinisterra.FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · 43 minutes ago –88′ Red in the Race! 1-0

The race also needs to be extended to ten men. Rayhi is given his second yellow card and is ready for departure. FC Twente is leading with 1-0.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden82′ Double-bill: Well, the other winterversterking of the Team, Robert Bozeník, will make its debut at the End. The Slovakian midfielder is on the field for Nicolai Jørgensen.PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen-four hours ago,43′ GOAL, PEC Zwolle! 1-0

Just before the break, also in the city of Zwolle, the spell was broken. Yuta Nakayama is the headline to touch off a corner.Feyenoord-FC Emmen-four hours ago,80′ GOAL in the Club! 3-0

Luis Sinisterra does it still have a role to play in the bag for the Season. The striker responds quickly in the rebound after an internal header from Jens Toornstra FC Emmen, goalkeeper Dennis Telgenkamp.FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam-four hours ago,80′ GOAL for FC Twente. 1-0

Actually, out of nowhere, it is there in the opening goal, and the way it fits perfectly with this game. He Bee selling out after a corner towards goal and, via the leg of the Adil Auassar is going to get the ball inside.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden76′ and FC Emmen, which means it would be a lot more decisive about breaking down. This message is not for Richard Kolar. The ruler of the Emmenaren is in a favorable position, but it is limited to a low cross, which are only dangerous, it is due to the disturbance of the Owner: about it.FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · one-hour geleden75 ” A puntertje Mohamed Rayhi yields are still a few problems to beat the keeper and His Devil, which is the world’s difficulties in addition to with the purpose of type.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · – one hour ago

The 2-0 against FC Emmen is Nicolai Jørgensen made his third goal after the winter break, in the jersey of the Team. The position of the 29-year-old Dane this season, on five hits.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden70′ we’re going to fail here and at 3-0 are to come. Luis Sinisterra, refuses to pull the trigger and give the credit to Nicolai Jørgensen, who is close to his second goal of the evening is available upon request. His shot goes high over.PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen-four hours geleden30, ” A half-hour was played in Zwolle, the netherlands. THE FC Groningen’s success for some time to come in for a nice duel in the making. Here, too, there is not yet scored: 0-0.FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · one-hour geleden70 Also after the break, it was FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam, was far from attractive. It’s still 0-0 in Enschede, the netherlands. Will there be goals?Feyenoord-FC Emmen · – one hour ago

Dick, a Lawyer, is the first coach ever since, Willem van Hanegem, in August and november 1992 (W6-G4-V0), who is unbeaten in his first 10 Premier-league-matches as the coach of the Team.Feyenoord-FC Emmen-four hours ago,64′ GOAL in the Club! 2-0

Just at the time that FC Emmen is strong, it doubled the Team’s lead in his own Seat. Nicolai Jørgensen tapping an indirect free-kick from Steven Berghuis from the left.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden63′ a First change for Everton: Oguzhan Özyakup will be thanked for services rendered, Renatio Tapia will replace him.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden60′ FC Emmen is getting better and better at the game and it seems to be by Free and a great opportunity to create. But at the moment he is the Team goalkeeper Bijlow trying to omspelen, cross over to the linesman, his flag in the air.PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen one day ago

15 and Also in the PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen-we are waiting on the score. In the possession of the ball for the visitors, but the odds were not quite there yet.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · – one hour ago

55 This picture is reflected in the course of Feyenoord-FC Emmen, the netherlands. The teams are talking to the will and good of football in the second half, and yet not for a moment question. That may be mainly the Team itself returned to you.FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · one-hour geleden55′, FC Twente has a lot of the ball in the early stages of the second half. The Tukkers also, the spell will break into your own home from the Race?Feyenoord-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden51′ Oguzhan Özyakup is now on the bad side. He was kicking a Free from FC Emmen zoo is almost in the game. The attacker can do after an injury treatment continues.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden47, ” There is a FC Emmen zoo is almost on the same level with the Team. Kerim Frei is going to be only on One Bijlow and meets with the keeper of the city’s inhabitants.Feyenoord-FC Emmen-four hours ago, toKick-off! With the ball back in The Bowl. It gives the Team the win even more of the scene? Or it may be to FC Emmen, a publicity stunt with it?FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · one-hour geleden46′ In Enschede, the netherlands rolls out of the ball in the second act, when FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam (0-0).PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen-four hours geledenBram of Poland, so to say. He is now the player with the most Premier-league-matches for PEC Zwolle!

206 – a Girl from Poland, has now featured in 206 Bundesliga matches for @PECZwolle, more than any other player ever did for the club. Icon.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:46 pm – February 1, 2020PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen-four hours ago,and 1′ The ball is rolling, Zwolle, the netherlands! THE Netherlands started with the first company.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

Oguzhan Özyakup will take the record for the fastest results Feyenoorder about Rini Plasmans, on november 16, 1975, in the 4th minute spot in the game against Excelsior.PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

Layouts! At 20: 45 is going to get the ball rolling for PEC Zwolle and FC Groningen in the netherlands. These are the set-ups. A girl from Poland play 206e duel to the ACADEMY, and that’s a record!

PEC Zwolle: Zetterer; Hammer, Poland-Kersten, Nakayama, Van Wermeskerken; Saymak, Clement, Strieder; Thy, From the sand Dunes.

FC Groningen: Padt; Zeefuik, Te Wierik, Van Hintum, Both; Schreck, Lundqvist, Matusiwa, Van Kaam; Postema, Asoro.FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! Also, in the FC Twente-Sparta Rotterdam, the spectators are hardly spoilt for choice. Haris Vuckic was at the start of the rest of the 1-0 keys on the shoe for the team, but he also took the Race-keeper Harush is on the way, one of the few chances in this match.2 hours ago

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Co-sponsored by: TOTO | 18+, to play a consciousFeyenoord-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! Oguzhan Özyakup is, as yet, the only bright spot for the Team FC Emmen. The 27-year-old midfielder scored after just 1 minute and 33 seconds, becoming the fastest scoring Premier league-newcomer to the Club all the time. After the match, the Turk, it is quite difficult for the People, who are not going to 1-0 against the laagvlieger from the Dutch province of Drenthe. The work to be done by coach Dick Advocaat.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

43′ for the moment, the mood in the Team after the bliksemtreffer by Oguzhan Özyakup. It does not have a float on the End, which is not yet played out in the attack have been established. The fans at The tank are far from being spoilt for choice.ADO Den Haag-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

Over! ADO Den Haag failed to win the Speed: 0-0. The team of Alan Pardew misses with Tomás Necid, even with a penalty. Also, a goal for offside by Michael Kramer. The rating remains in the ADO of the seventeenth and the Speed six.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · a 2-hour geleden35 ” The quick opening goal by Oguzhan Özyakup, the sacred fire at the Team in general, because in the End, make a perfunctory impression at FC Emmen, and at times the ball will be easier to let go than the home team.ADO Den Haag-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden90 ” There will be a further five minutes, at…Liverpool-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

30′ Leroy Fer, will, after treatment to his injured leg back on the ground. Renato Tapia, who, as a precaution, had already begun at the warm-up will take place on the substitute bench.Feyenoord-FC Emmen · a 2-hour geleden28′, FC Emmen, and bites it in The Bowl. Michael, the Lion, rises above the Everton defence from a high ball As the Axe, and earned a corner kick, which the visitors are not in danger can be found.ADO Den Haag-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden84′ ADO, to put the final phase in the hunt for the 1-0. Is that the team of Pardew?Back to top

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