Natalia: “I’m going to be a very strict mom, his’

Natalia: "I'm going to be a very strict mom, his'

That’s Natalia with a rigorous education, which is well known. Her father, Willy, was a stern man, and that’s where Natalia was, in itself, is really kind of curse. But for now, they will, for the first time, mom will know they are not that strict upbringing also has advantages.
Natalia is now in Nina, to the annex of The News. In the interview, talks to Natalia about how she and her child(ren) will be trained. “I’m going to be a very strict mom to be. And I think it’s important to Friedrich, her friend, ed) to the same cord pull. My parents were perhaps a bit too strict, especially overbeschermend, and I was always happy,” said Natalia. “But the older I get, the more I get the benefits of it. The standards and values you pass on. In a consistent way. The clear rules of working together. I don’t have to be the best friend of my child, no, no, I’m her mother. That’s a very different role,” adds Natalia continued. And in that way, Natalia is a huge part of the way in which the parents have nurtured and cared for. Natalia had come home with a lot of rules, but once her parents saw their daughter was when ‘New for 2003’ defences, they were more arrogant than anyone else.

The times have changed, we live in a world that is completely different, and that is where Natalia grew up in. “I hope my daughter grows up with the least amount of anxiety. I would like to do so in order to make sure that they are not confused in life. I don’t want to be the overbezorgde, but to be a mom to be. And if I’m going to be on a podium stand, took our daughter to a wonderful dad happy for her to stay. They will also visit the nursery to go – it will be better for her social development. In addition, I hope that, in particular, it does not have to be boring at our house. That, to us, her parents, who are not boring,” laughs Natalia in Nina.