20 years after the ‘Big Brother’ Betty is back

f5131313a3ae7eea841163cc43ca1b7a - 20 years after the 'Big Brother' Betty is back

The most famous smile in Flanders is back, and that is something to be pretty happy to get it. It was in the past, the summer is not to be; for now she is back! They have turned a lot of press because of her appearance at the MijnStage of Camping at Home the Club’ and ‘Big Brother’ is 20 years old. The feeling is, more than ever, to get back on the stage. This is a ambiancemaker in the heart, is good-natured, a little bit of sexiness and have humor on the side! This is where Betty is about… a sexy, showbiz volksfiguur, as there is not much more in the region.

The carnival, as well as after-skiperiode is just around the corner, and therefore, it resurfaced by the end of 2019, the studio, the Little Black Unicorn, and they had to work together in this fun-to-atmosphere record. Specifically designed for the ambiancezoekers and the writers among you, shall, to Betty today with a lot of pride and passion for her brand new single ‘I am the door”, a perfect meebrulnummer for the upcoming carnival season, and after skiperiode! And trust us, it gets into a loop.

Betty is now working on a sequel, it has, more than ever, the taste of it.
(Nico Vanaken)