Tom Jones, the final act in the Suikerrock, Farewell Edition

187d9a7dca3b25067297879e342d6a2c - Tom Jones, the final act in the Suikerrock, Farewell Edition

Tom Jones, Peter (with the Rockets), The Kreuners, and in Front Mergels were the first anchors for a Family Day, as well as the last day of Suikerrock by 2020, on Sunday, the 2nd of August!

The concert of Sir Tom Jones, will be the pivotal part of the Suikerrock By 2020, ” The Farewell Edition. The living legend who, at that time, for over 80 years day and will have to eat your heart out, Mick Jagger!) to close the festival in style on Sunday the 2nd of August, and for the family. A bell of a voice, and a host of classics such as ” It’s Not Unusual’, ‘Kiss’, ‘Delilah’, ‘What’s New Pussycat’, ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ and ‘Sex Bomb’ is a departure in terms of absolute beauty. “Going out with a bang’ is the name of it.

In 1987, they were in the first edition of the Suikerrock, and, of course, they had to be there at this Farewell Edition will also include: De Kreuners! Walter, Axl, John, Erik, and, of course, Tienenaar, Ben Crabbé is to come once again set their sights Belpop hits to open the drawer on the Sunday, the 2nd of August. It is an attack on your vocal chords, because it will be a one hour sing along with the oh.a. ‘She has style’, ‘Cous Cous cries out’, ‘relaxing’, ‘I Want You’, ‘Young’, ‘Verliefd op Chris Lomme’ or ‘Layla’. Open air or not, the roof comes off!
Nostalgia trumps on Sunday, the 2nd of August, as well as Peter Koelewijn & The Rockets release their ‘Blonde hitmachine with them to last the day. The age of his father because of it northern neighbour may of this year, along with Tom Jones on an 80 blowing out the candles. He has introduced over 60 years ago, the rock’n’roll, featuring the mega-hit ‘Kom van dat dak af”, and one scored in the course of the next few decades, with singalong songs ‘Angeline (m’n blonde sexmachine)’, ‘Clap your hands’, ‘Strong’, ‘Jane’ and ‘as Long as the engine is running.