The father, Frank Valentino died

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On Wednesday of last week, he was Verrecas, death, and the father of Frank to Valentino. The singer made the news known via his social media accounts. “Is our dad, granddad, has been for a long time in a fight, strong man as he was, always had been. He wanted to be, and would occur Monday to take part in, and so did he. Be glad that we have his final wish was still able to accomplish,” said an excited singer.

The father of Frank had been a widower, and enjoyed some of his well-known son, Frederik, and his daughter Nancy were doing. It will be from now on, the warmth of their father’s lack, but the memories are always cherished to be. “Rest for now, but be gentle, we’re going to miss you,” concludes Frank to Valentino.

We wish the entire family strength to handle their pain.