Joyce De Troch is working as an event manager, Dennis Black Magic,

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Joyce De Troch, Dennis Black Magic and have known each other for more than twenty years, we will see on the In view of the fact that Joyce has been eighteen years in the event industry, it took for Dennis to contact her to get a Black Zaturday to create. According to Joyce, the growth of is in Dennis’ head and a lot of ideas, and it will be said, to make sure that these ideas are taking shape.

Black Zaturday is a little bit similar to the Zundays that has ever been made. In their thirties, forties, and fifties, by now, have probably already heard of it or experienced it. The first edition of the Black Zaturdays, which will be held on February 29, 2020 to, it was managed to get three of the biggest names in the pornowereld to Flanders. “The idea is, of course, is that everybody who is there is all very neat and tidy in appearance, and the bubbles in rich, flowing, and all the rest I leave to your imagination. So, what I would say is: do not buy a key, so come take a look!” please let Joyce know at the interview on the site of a P-Book.

Tickets for the first ever ‘Black Zaturday in the ZUCO and to Roosdaal to 29 February, 2020 and to 22, are on sale from £ 20. All the info can be found on the

(Nico Vanaken)