Ghent, a master chef in My Kitchen, My Restaurant, on tv

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Spring brings out the VTM’s new culinary program, and My Kitchen is My Restaurant, ” on the screen. The Herman’s the middle of the ten-hobbykokduo will review, made well-known. He will work with chef Marcelo Ballardin (38) of a michelin star restaurant CLOSING in the city in a good direction.

Sergio doesn’t need any kind of introduction. And Marcelo Ballardin, it is now up to the best chefs in the country. At 28, began His his koksopleiding in London at Le Cordon Bleu. After that, he went on to be the best of the chefs at work, first in the ‘Hertog Jan in Bruges, and then in ‘Pure C’ in Cadzand – believe it or not – The Money. There it went, the head chef Syrco Bakker was on him for the development of new foods for “Pure C”. In 2014 opened His own restaurant, “the OAK,” in the city of Ghent. Three years later, he received his first Michelin star, and he scored 16/20 in the guide Gault&Millau. In 2019, did Ballardin still involved in a tv contest in South Korea, in order to have the honour of representing Belgium. Nearly 25 million Koreans have seen him to win and, since then, run by the Korean reservation at the city restaurant, smooth in the inside. In september 2018, he opened a second restaurant, “By 73”, a stone’s throw away from the ‘Taxi’.
Marcelo grew up in Brazil and his Italian father and a Brazilian mother. For a culinary course started, he made his way along the Florida and Italy, in order to make a difference in the world of music. He came to love, and then moved to Ghent, where he is in the mean you can get English learning and have a bachelor’s degree in biology and started in. He was only 28 when he decided to take a culinary path, and the koksopleiding in London to start with.