Watch take Kersthow of Samson and Gert

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For the fans of the night Watch, you have to look forward to. At the end of this year, Vlad, Wilko, and Keelin is a christmas show. Watch our christmas show – The vampierenbal – in ation Theatre’s Facilities and on 19 december of this year. There will be a sneak preview of the show at the city Theatre in Antwerp, which took place on 17 and 18 October of this year.

Vlad, Wilko, and Keeling to organize a vampire ball, but this does not work as expected. A creature from the underworld shows up. You can Watch to make sure that the party is spotless, can take place? Sing along and practice at your dansbenen, because you never know, the night Watch, you need to have a good ending.

Tickets will be on Friday, January 31st, at 11 o’clock, sale by