The biggest hit of Belle Perez 15 years after the date of the new one!

8c7c1e915b1980117917d1427b1591a0 - The biggest hit of Belle Perez 15 years after the date of the new one!

The year 2005 was both for the movie theater as the top of the charts the year of the ‘Madagascar’. The Dreamworks animation film about a runaway dierentuinbewoners return to the wilderness, it was not only an exceptional kassasucces, and a worldwide phenomenon, but it is our very own, Belle Perez, is also its biggest hit. The Belle, with it’s sweet, and extremely danceable ‘Que Viva La Vida” for the soundtrack of the film in the Benelux countries, and that turned out to be a huge success. ‘Que Viva La Vida” came in Belgium, at any time, by going to the upper end of the Ultratop top 50 (peaked at #2), and at only 22 weeks to disappear, and gave her that same year, the Radio 2 summer Hit on it. Also, our neighbors were flocking round in the end, for “Que Viva La Vida” won the Dutch Top 40 and a top 3 ranking, though, there was as much as 20 weeks, recorded, and marked the final breakthrough of our lives are in the Netherlands.

Now, fifteen years after the premiere of the original movie, and the release of “Que Viva La Vida” brings the Music Hall is not only a wonderful, English-Speaking women of Madagascar, ” in Capitole Ghent on the 27th of February-1st of march) and the Queen elizabeth concert hall in Antwerp, the 9th until the 11th of april, 2020), and also ‘Que Viva La Vida” – used in a feel good film, got as a gift a new music video. Belle threw it out, but happy to be with the hips, once again for this animated clip in which the images of the women of the ‘Madagascar,’ in the United Kingdom, which was conquered, converted. Cool tools: Belle Perez, will be “Que Viva La Vida’ live on the premiere of “Madagascar: the Musical” on the 28th of February, in the Capitole in Ghent!