Record II, by Maarten Vangramberen

84e0958db3bd4ba180f3bda0bd3b4e6a - Record II, by Maarten Vangramberen

Any sport without talent. But today, his performance in the sport is also no longer imaginable without the in-depth scientific guidance. In the second season of the documentary series the world Record of late sports journalist, Maarten Vangramberen of themselves, and of the sports science has to re-release seven of the most incredible sportexploten all the time.

The mirakelsprong of a long jumper Mike Powell at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in 1991, making it the perfect turnoefening of Nadia Comaneci in Montreal in 1976, or Marco Pantani’s recordbeklimming of the Alpe d’huez stage in the Tour of 1995. The performance that everybody has seen but no one can explain it. And, isn’t it.
A world Record attempt to Maarten, it’s a mystery to figure out. He talks with world class athletes and their coaches and trainers, with industry-leading experts and scientists, is one of the most innovative sports research. Along with them, Maarten, put it to the test, and he tries to get a second by second, meter by meter, to determine what exactly is happening at such an unparalleled performance.

Each record has a wereldprestatie, but it is not any wereldprestatie, it is a new world record. In this first episode looks at Maarten was therefore also to the performance, which is not only behind in terms of the absolute numbers and the comma is a new world record. He is expanding his research to other disciplines, which are just as much to the imagination:
• Long Jump (Mike Powell)
• Son Of Jackie Joyner-Kersee)
• The Alpe d’Huez (Marco Pantani)
• Ski-Jumping (Stefan Kraft)
• Gymnastics (Nadia Comaneci)
• Javelin (Dec: Zelezny)
• 400 meters (Wayde van Niekerk)