PSV target, This arrives at the Philips Stadion

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PSV target, This arrives at the Philips Stadion

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Clubs in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, up to the 31st of January, selections will be strengthened. In this post, you can read all of the transfernieuws, confirmed the deals to the wild rumors to the contrary.

Hello, and welcome to our Transferupdates-liveblog! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date with the latest news and latest rumors in transfergebied.Transferupdates · 8 hours ago

‘We’re going to want to strengthen themselves with the defenders’
The team is close to bringing in striker Robert Bozeník and midfielder Oguzhan Özyakup is not yet finished in the transfer market. The city’s inhabitants would be put at risk in order to Juan Brandáriz to temporarily take over at FC Barcelona. The twenty-year-old defender has been basisspeler in the reserveteam, that’s your best shot at promotion to the Segunda Liga, the second level is that of Spain. The team would have competition from the Original. (Source: Sport)Transferupdates · 18 minutes ago –MANU-a target the Team have arrived in Eindhoven,
Ricardo Rodriguez has arrived in Eindhoven for the final formalities of his transfer to PSV to finish it. The 27-year-old full for the rest of the season, thanks to AC Milan.

PSV’s acquisition of Ricardo Rodriguez arrives at the Philips Stadium, before the completion of the transfer.


AuteurJeroen KapteijnsMoment of plaatsen13:09 pm – January 30, 2020Transferupdates · 21 hours ago

‘FC Barcelona wishes to Coutinho still to be sold
Philippe Coutinho is playing at this point in time, that he was still contracted to Bayern Munich, but it is for the owner of the FC Barcelona, is no obstacle to the Former, in the last two days of the transfer market it wishes to sell. For the Catalans it would be a huge transfer fee would receive, in order to make room in the budget for the recruitment of a new striker. Bayern Munich see for yourself on the koopclausule of € 140 million. (Source: Catalunya Radio, Barcelona, spain)Transferupdates one day ago

SC Cambuur are renting a player at Chelsea
SC Cambuur has secured the services of one player of Chelsea football club. George McEachran lives to the rest of the season, he was still contracted to the province of friesland. McEachran, as a nineteen-year-old Englishman, a scot, who, this season, particularly with the promise of Chelsea, to play with. (Source: SC Cambuur)Transferupdates one day ago

FC Groningen’s tearing up of the contract with Pohl
FC Groningen’s tearing up of the contract by Jannik Pohl. The 23-year-old And is no longer in the plans of coach Danny Buijs on for. Pohl reported on in 2018 of a contract, and for three years in the case of the ‘Pride of the North’, but it came down to just seven matches in the Premier league. Before the winter break, he played like he was still contracted to the Danish AC Horsens. “Sometimes there is a mismatch between the club and the player,” explains technical manager, Mark-Jan Fledderus. “For both the football club FC Groningen, as Jannik is in his staying with us is not what we both expected.” (Source: FC Groningen, the netherlands)Transferupdates one day ago

AS Roma gets a competitor for Kluivert
AS Roma strikes again with a blow on the transfer market. The Italians have hired Carlos Pérez for the remainder of the season for FC Barcelona. In the agreement, in the amount of 1 million euro, which is also an option to purchase up to 11 million euros. Pérez, who is in Barcelona for less than at play time, and is a winger, and this is a contender for Justin Kluivert. (Source: Roma)Transferupdates · 2 hours ago

‘Chelsea, with Napoli in the conversation Will’
Dries Mertens is possible for a switch to Chelsea. The home team are Right in talking about the transition from the 32-year-old forward. The Belgian was brilliant for the club from Napoli, but this season will know he was not at all convincing, in part because he was gebrouilleerd has been affected by the eccentric chairman, Aurelio De Laurentiis. Will, whose contract is about to expire, would be around 7 million euros to the costs. (Source: Daily Mail)Transferupdates · 2 hours ago

AS Roma gets a new substitute Florenzi
AS Roma have been taken on the departure of Alessandro Florenzi for the city. The team of Justin Kluivert takes on Gonzalo Villar for 4 million euros on the Spanish costa blanca. The Spanish jeugdinternational is, as a central midfielder. (Source: Roma)Transferupdates · 5 hours geledenRicardo This to get on the plane to Eindhoven, to make his transfer to PSV to finish it. It is expected that the temporary introduction of the 27-year-old full-on AC Milan today in the world are made.

More #Rodriguez saluta il #Milan e vola a in Eindhoven (the netherlands) – è fatta con il #Manu


Auteurcalciomercato.comMoment of plaatsen08:25 – January 30, 2020Transferupdates · 5 hours ago

A FaceTime conversation with sir alex ferguson’s last kick Bergwijn
In a FaceTime video call with the manager, José Mourinho pulled on to Steven Bergwijn on the line for PSV eindhoven yesterday in a trade for a new Challenge, says his agent Fulco van Kooperen. “Steven was very impressed, and suddenly you see He’s on the phone. He knows that Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben and Memphis Depay with him to work. But All of them are not to be asked for their views, and he had a good feeling about real madrid.” (Source: de Volkskrant)Transferupdates · 5 hours ago

MANU asked, in vain, to Jeffrey Bruma
PSV are in the search for a new defender is thought to be Jeffrey Bruma, according to the main character in a recent interview. The 28-year-old Dutchman moved to old club from Eindhoven, the netherlands, as he does in the season that he was still contracted to Mainz. “The PSV has to be informed, but in a very concrete, it is not now. At this point, I also prefer to be in the Club to keep going.” (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · 6 hours ago

‘FC Utrecht has to replace Janssen in a
FC Utrecht will be in the final days of the transfer to reinforce a central defender, due to the serious knee injury of captain William Thompson. Technical director, Jordy Zuidam it would be to have an eye for the Thomas Basila. The twenty-year-old defender is under contract at FC Nantes, where it is wisselspeler. The Domstedelingen have in the past been very successful in attracting the players from france’s Ligue 1, as Sébastien Jean. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · yesterday, at 23:16

Between Sierhuis at Stade Reims away’
Kaj Sierhuis seems to be the season just to finish at FC Groningen in the netherlands. He that is an hireling for a list of state-in the interest of Stade Reims, a few million for a striker why not. Ajax and FC Groningen, which is a call option on the Sierhuis, know each other, however, is not to be found in the distribution of the transferopbrengst. The striker is said to be a contract for 5.5 years. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · yesterday at 20:54Volgens PSV-watcher Rik elfrink she forms, the ED has a PSV player, so I have no option to purchase stipulated in the agreement with AC Milan for Ricardo Rodriguez. The Swiss will be after this season and would normally go back to Milan, which PSV eindhoven, again on the look for a full.

Supplements/remedies: the PSV does not have an option to purchase, agreed with Ricardo Rodriguez. For the six months of the year hired is only. It’s been a hectic time.


AuteurRik ElfrinkMoment of plaatsen20:50 pm – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 19:51 ofBruma make the season at Georgia
There is a confirmation of the transfer of Jeffrey Bruma to FSV Mainz. With the team out of the Division if the ex-PSV eindhoven for the remainder of the season, VfL Wolfsburg, which is where the defender can not move, could count on. Also, last season, was allowed to Bruma in the second half of the season with a club there. When he was at Schalke 04 for rent. The defender will be in the Ditch in the third, a Dutchman, in addition to Jean-Paul Boëtius and Jeremiah St. Correct. (Source: FSV Mainz)

#Mainz05 leiht, Jeffrey Bruma, bis Saisonende from @VfL_Wolfsburg off! Of 1,89 m is large Innenverteidiger (you can.a. 25 Länderspiele für die City) kommt mit reichlich Erfahrung in der Bundesliga und auf internationalem Parkett on the Bruchweg!


Author1. FSV Mainz 05Moment of plaatsen19:30 am – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 19:33a final settlement will be so tomorrow, as expected.

MANU and His Team to go in the morning huurdeal in order to create. AC Milan is also in agreement. He will be presented tomorrow to be tested and sign his contract. The PSV has, subject to the formalities of last a full.


AuteurRik ElfrinkMoment of plaatsen19:32 am – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 19:28

‘MANU did This is still in the
PSV eindhoven, according to the Local Newspaper, and Ricardo Rodriguez, then, finally, the required full-in. The Swiss international is set for the rest of the season, thanks to AC Milan. The PSV also has the option to purchase is required. The Locals had with the former player of VfL Wolfsburg has been on the radar, but it came originally with AC Milan. This was Patrick Bolted into the frame, but in the Crystal Palace, the Dutch international can’t let it go. (Source: ED)Transferupdates · yesterday at 18:54

‘Bruma the third Dutchman in the Ditch’
Jeffrey Bruma is on the brink of VfL Wolfsburg in exchange for FSV Mainz. The club wants to be in the 28-year-old defender for the remainder of the season, for rent. If the transfer makes a living out, the former player of PSV eindhoven and Chelsea, is the third Dutchman in the Ditch. Jean-Paul Boëtius and Jeremiah St. Correct, all of it under a contract with the degradatiekandidaat. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · yesterday, 18:39 the‘Right’ to rent right back to Walker-Peters on
In the following, the transfer of the day, it is a fact, right back Kyle Walker-Peters to make it to the season that he was still contracted to Southampton. The 22-year-old defender joined the North London is not to far, and manager Jose Mourinho to gain experience in a divisiegenoot.

Welcome to #SaintsFC, @KWPeters! 😇


AuteurSouthampton FCMoment of plaatsen18:30 am – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 18:21

After the Cards are also Makienok away at FC Utrecht
FC Utrecht to see in one day, two of the Sons leave them. Simon Makienok continue his career with Dynamo Dresden, to be published in the second German Bundesliga. Been able to sell the team, though goalkeeper David Jensen of the American New York Red Bulls. The 29-year-old Makienok could do with a serious injury, but in nine appearances for FC Utrecht. (Source: FC Utrecht), Transferupdates · yesterday at 18:18 inthe Deep after only half a year to ADO
Stay to Discover the Deep in to ADO Den Haag, will be limited to one and a half seasons. The 24-year-old has a right to a rental basis, the transfer to NAC Breda, which is also an option to buy term. The former player of AZ and Willem II came to The Hague to date.

Thom Haye Is Transferred️ @NACnl
The sides are rented, with an option to buy.
Success, in sacramento, to Discover! 👍


AuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen18:15 – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 18:14

‘Everton highlights dazzling bid for champions league semi-final at the Richarlison on
FC Barcelona’s search for a new striker was released by Richarlison, the Former of which, a few years ago by a Car in front of Ajax, it was poached. Reportedly, the Catalans in a bid in the amount of 100 million euros will be released to the attacker is that of Everton. The club’s technical director, Marcel Brands, Barcelona has decisively was shown the door. He is looking for a new aanvalsleider after the operation of the Luis Suárez. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 17:56

Özyakup happy to be back in the room and the parents-to-be
Oguzhan Özyakup is keen for the Club to do the job. The midfielder was in Liverpool for the game to say that was. “I just want to have fun again in football, and hope to see me in the spotlight to play for the CHAMPIONSHIP,” says the new Feyenoorder at FOX Sports. “What I’m living now, close to my parents in Zaandam, the netherlands. I have been since the age of fifteen, being away from home.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 17:28

The Transfer Could go to United, around the
On the transfer of Bruno Fernandes is finally in place. The attacking midfielder makes the switch from Sporting CP to Manchester United. The 25-year-old Portuguese still needs to be tested. Also, should United have a personal agreement is reached with the international, though it is normally not a problem. The English club will pay initially at 55 million for Fernandes. This amount can increase to as much as 80 million euros. The transition, which hung around for weeks in the air. (Source: Manchester United)Transferupdates · yesterday at 17:05

Stade Reims wants to be in Groningen-striker Sierhuis’
Kaj Sierhuis, may his career continue in the French Ligue 1. Stade Reims has been quoted in a number of millions, the 21-year-old striker, who is due to Ajax meet FC Groningen for rent. That last one makes it possible to transfer a complicated one, given the Further option to purchase and have agreed with Ajax. The Locals have the permission of Groningen, the need for a transition. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:42

Neil Johnson is leaving Utrecht, New York
David Johnson is continuing his career in the MLS. The Danish goalkeeper leaves FC Utrecht-per direct, for the New York Red Bulls. The 27-year-old Student under coach John van den Brom, on the second plan, up to no good. “David has been in the past few years, much effort has been FC Utrecht, but, in view of the current doelmannenpikorde it was a move to another club for him at this time, it’s the best,” said technical director, Jordy Zuidam. (Source: FC Utrecht)Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:30

We’re going to the after-coming Özyakup uitgewinkeld
Özyakup is the latest addition to the Club in this transfer, ” says technical director Frank Arnesen. “With Oguzhan, we get, of course, a huge experience. Normally it would be someone like him may not be feasible for the Team, but he very much wanted to have it for the rest of the season to come. Through the use of creative and well done also to Liverpool, he’s with us now to strengthen, and we are, in each case, with respect to the pick-up of the new players in this window.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:23En, there’s the first scene from Özyakup on The Deck. The midfielder, making his arrival at the Club, by means of Facetime.

📞 An Incoming FaceTime call,…


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen16:16 am – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:21

Özyakup second, the winter acquisition Season
Özyakup from the Slovak Róbert Bozeník, the second in winter’s addition to the team of Dick Advocaat. That rush was earlier in the week and taken over MSK Zilina. Compared to the arrival of the two, is the departure of goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer, with Los Angeles FC,) and midfielders Liam Kelly (Oxford United), Yassin Ayoub (Panathinaikos) referred to Citizens of the Excelsior).Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:13

We’re going to hire Özyakup on for the rest of the season
Oguzhan Özyakup plays for the rest of the season for the Team. The international is for the remainder of the season thanks to Liverpool. The Turkish club will make it on to the website of their own report on the agreement between the two clubs. The 27-year-old midfielder was born in Zaandam, the netherlands, and has played jeugdinterlands in the Netherlands, but it is preferred to have a interlandloopbaan in Turkey. He was now up to the 42 international matches. Özyakup was at the age of sixteen years moved from AZ to Arsenal, and then he was in 2012, when Liverpool signed.Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:38range after Pereiro and landed in Sardinia
And we are going to be just for LOOKS, because it really seems that Gastón Pereiro, the Truth is the club is going to leave. For the Quarter, it is the afternoon they had landed at the airport in the sardinian capital Cagliari, where he was one of those days, a contract will be signed. The contract is for the attacker to run on to the end of the season, on the pitch, so the Locals now have what he has earned. The Sardinian club has been the extraordinary number of six in the Series.

📽 #Cagliari ecco at The #Pereiro: grande entusiamo all’aeroporto per il nuovo acquisto


AuteurTuttomercatowebMoment of plaatsen15:30 am – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:22

‘PSV eindhoven in the race for the Brazilian defender to the Team’
The transfersoap around the AC Milan-match, Ricardo Rodriguez appeared at the end of it, but it may be a new lease on life. Gianluca Di Marzio, was not always a reliable reporter of the Italian arm of Sky Sports, knowing which is to inform you that PSV have enjoyed the best of papers, it has to be the 27-year-old full in the web. Fenerbahçe and Napoli could not be reached with the Striker, and as for the club, This would like to wear decision again. Milan would be 6 million want to be received for Rodriguez, whose contract is still a year and a half from here. (Source: Sky Italia)Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:03a thank you to Christian Eriksen on the fans ‘ Side. The 27-year-old Dane will leave the London club at the end of seven years of loyal service to The club.

Dear Spurs fans, @spursofficial
“I don’t know where to start.
I didn’t have time to say goodbye to everyone, even though i felt like i played a lot of games where everyone said and thought i would be gone the next day.
I have so many unbelivable memories over the last 6,5 years i was at Spurs.
I enjoyed being at the training ground every day and playing games at the stadium so much, but sometimes you just want to try something new!
So, Spurs fans, it has been a pleasure to play at your club, and hopefully we will meet again in the future!
All the best


Auteurchriseriksen8Moment of plaatsen14:26 pm – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:58

A former STOKE-leader for Marí to draw with Arsenal
Pablo Marí, two seasons ago, the captain of STOKE city, has had a droomtransfer to deal with. The 26-year-old Spaniard replaces brazil’s Flamengo beach for the Area. The English club-if the defender is in for the rest of the season, and it also has an option to buy agreed. (Source: Arsenal Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:42

The captain Auassar remains in the Race longer true
The race may be for the next season is about Adil Auassar’s disposal. The 33-year-old club captain has had his expiring contract with one of the season is extended. Auassar is now in his second season at The Castle and there will be at least one more season to add to it. (Source: the Sparta)Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:50 pm

Bergwijn wants to be with a great club Tottenham’s Champions League win
Steven Bergwijn was, today is a dream come true when he got a contract for 5.5 years, got signed by Spurs. His dream is the Champions League and win with the ‘Right’. “I want to have goals-to make assists, and the Champions League and win with this great club,” said the 22-year-old Bergwijn a video of the competition. Last year, the London club a place in the final of the miljoenenbal, in which Liverpool, the 2-0 was too strong. “I thought it was interesting to see how the year was to win.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:30 am

‘Beckham would Cavani go to Miami, get
Edinson Cavani would be a career path for it ever to be prosecuted in the United States of america. The 32-year-old Uruguayan, who has a transferverzoek has been submitted to the Paris Saint-Germain, it would be on the list of priorities of a David Beckham face. The former English international and is the co-owner of the international of Miami, which in the coming season, for the first time in Major League Soccer. The aaa would have even been an offer to have been released on Cavani, who is said to have been in the interest of Atlético Madrid, is. (Source: ASH)Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:53Bergwijn will have to back to White hart lane with the number 23 come into play.

👕 Steven’s squad number has been confirmed!
#WelkomBergwijn ⚪️ #COYS


AuteurTottenham HotspurMoment of plaatsen11:53 – – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:46 pm

Bergwijn, with 30 million euros, the most expensive winter Premier-league-transfer-ever
The transfer of Steven Bergwijn, to back to White hart lane has been the most expensive winter transfer of a Premier league player ever. The Premier League club will pay PSV eindhoven € 30 million, and this amount can be bonuses still add up to 32 million euros. Bergwijn is the successor to Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who in the mid-season of 2008 and 2009 made the switch from Ajax to Real Madrid. The People have paid 27 million euros for the striker.Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:39Met this wonderful video that takes on PSV said goodbye to Steven Bergwijn. The 22-year-old man from Amsterdam has played since 2011 in Eindhoven, the netherlands.

Take good care of @StevenBergwijn, @SpursOfficial! 😉


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen11:36 on January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:30 amBergwijn will leave PSV eindhoven and sign a contract until mid-2025, when the champions league holders
Steven Bergwijn is an official player of Tottenham Hotspur. The 22-year-old attacker to pass a medical examination and sign a contract by mid-2025 in central London. PSV eindhoven will reportedly more than 30 million euros for the negenvoudig international airport, which is three years in Eindhoven, was under contract. (Source: Tottenham Hotspur)

🇳🇱 #WelkomBergwijn 🇳🇱


AuteurTottenham HotspurMoment of plaatsen11:29 – January 29, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:12

‘Short hopes, Brenet, on a rental basis from Hoffenheim’
Short seems to be before the close of the transfer market is still in a battle, wanting to save it. The people from arnhem would be interested in Joshua Brenet. The 25-year-old fullback, who will be the breakthrough experienced player in Hoffenheim is not playing and is reportedly open for a long time. Sprint would be Brenet, that is, when Hoffenheim was still in a contract until mid-2022, it has, on a rental basis all over them. (Source: ED)Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:43

Ten pulls Bony to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Wilfried Bony has set a new club will be found. The 31-year-old Mix, who last summer moved to Swansea City, and since that press conference, was signed a contract with Al-Ittihad. With the Saudi club to get Bony with Henk ten Cate, who is head coach of. (Source: Al-Ittihad)Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:14

Captain Peters, you cut it by William II
Jordens Peters extended his expiring contract at Willem II. The 32-year-old leader of the people of tilburg sign up for a year, and it is now up to the summer of 2021 fixed. The defender has been for eight seasons, running at the Koning Willem II Stadion and paste it so there’s at least one more season with it. (Source: William (II)Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:00 am

‘Adebayor is up for a return to the Premier League
Emmanuel Adebayor can be said to be this winter, and to return to the Premier League. In the meantime, the 35-year-old striker, who had previously stood for, among other things, Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, it would be in the interest of Aston Villa and Newcastle United. Adebayor’s press conference, since he was, in december, he left for the Turkish Kayserispor. (Source: The Sun)Transferupdates · yesterday at 09:38 pm

He follows Moniz as coach of the Excelsior
Marinus Dijkhuizen is the new head coach of the Excelsior. The 55-year-old coach following Ricardo Moniz, who yesterday were made redundant. Between 2014 and 2015, had He been a half-season to coach in the eastern districts. He’s coming over from FC Utrecht, where he was an assistant to the trainer John van den Brom was right. (Source: Excelsior)Transferupdates · yesterday at 08:55 pm

Box, let the eye fall on the Brazilian Property’
Ajax, adds it as possible, before the end of this winter is for an attacker to add it to the selection. Locals should keep an eye to the Former Property. The nineteen-year-old right-winger from Sao Paulo, is reportedly already on the radar, with Ajax, that would like to address these issues. The contract of the Property, which is about a 20-million-euro budget, will run until mid-2024. (Source: AD)Transferupdates · yesterday at 08:11

United and Sporting the agreement Could’
Manchester United and Sporting CP, according to British media, agreement on the transfer of Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese club would be a group of about 80 million euro from the ‘Red Devils’. This is United, fully able to meet the asking price to Sporting. The 25-year-old midfielder will fly to the said to England and to the transfer to be complete. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 07:55 pm

‘Neil Johnson leaves FC Utrecht, the New York Red Bulls
David Johnson seems to be working in the United States of america to continue. The 27-year-old goalkeeper, makes, according to U.s. media, the move from FC Utrecht and go to the New York Red Bulls. Johnson had, in the past two seasons, the first keeper of the Domstedelingen, but had to go out this summer to make way for Maarten Paes. With the arrival of Jeroen Zoet, who was brought as a replacement for the injured seemed to Paes, was a Student in addition, on the second version of the plan set. It is a contract, Johnson is still one and a half years old. (Source: Pro-Soccer in USA)Back to top

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