Henny Seroeyen, at the hands

45521a8386695077bf2b33891e3892d3 - Henny Seroeyen, at the hands

In the Netherlands, the Boxing Influences and hot. On Saturday, the 28th of march, there will be a new edition of the most talked about boxing event ever. But leifst 7 students participate in a summer camp. He said, and Jietse of Temptation Island, except for one. Also Mezdi is doing with the boxing gloves on, apparently at Stenn. As well as our own Henny Seroeyen take a bokskamp, apparently, that night, at the Sydney. Sidney was a year ago, along with the Coffee, in the Temptation Island show. This relationship went on the rocks.
Tickets for the Boxing Influences by In order for them to work, you need to go to that city.