An Lemmens counterbalances promotional campaigns of the FLAME

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This week is the Week of the rabbit’. The FLAME calls on Exports, on to the massive rabbit to be eeten, a call from An Lemmens and a lot of other people are going down the wrong way up. The reason for this? The appalling conditions in which rabbits are bred. The conditions under which the rabbits for human consumption are farmed, are not much better than the other animals. Or, perhaps even worse than that.
“Every day of the Rabbit would in the FLAME of rabbit meat will be noticed for the consumption of burps forth in Flanders, belgium. In co-operation with grocery stores and butcher shops, they praise the qualities of the rabbit along. In a series of recipes need to inspire. However, I would like you to kindly ask you to NOT see the RABBIT, TO EAT, to write An on our social media outlets. As the host points out to its followers that, in the circumstances in which the rabbits for meat to be grown , shocking. “In the kooisystemen the animals, each with less than 600cm2 in the decision, as either a single A4 page. The impact of the early mortality is very high, in part because rabbits are very, very stressgevoelige animals. For example, it takes their life to a maximum of two and a half months, while in normal conditions, for up to ten years,” according to An Lemmens.