The first island council is on the horizon

559f90f8a7727cc15c8457ec134337c0 - The first island council is on the horizon

The camps are starting to settle down. Nell and Natassia look, one thing less willing than others to take their place in the group. As outsiders, they are afraid to take it immediately to the slaughter to end. But is that fear justified?
Not, the two camps appear to be well-oiled machines.

The pleasant holiday atmosphere can quickly change. Everyone is feeling the hot breath of the first immuniteitsproef at the nape of the neck. It is in Belgium or in the Netherlands that the island council should come up? You can see the first sprouts emerge from frustrations with other residents. Provisoire alliances are being forged, but it is not always enough to keep hidden.

Camp, North Camp, South, show their enthusiasm at the first operation. The opponents are not in a soft way … and it’s hard. But in the end it turns out team play and not aggression is the key to success. The face still has a bit to learn if they want to be competing with each other. It turns out not to be a good tactic to get frustrated at each other during a test.

With drooping shoulders, is one of the best around the campfire. Who will fall first? The first island council has, however, not the only one, but two big surprises in store for you.

Expedition Robinson – welcome to 20u35 FOUR