Stef Kamil Carlens on the 6th of August at OLT Rivierenhof

066f79e9cd4fc704c1f6dd2b79b3916a - Stef Kamil Carlens on the 6th of August at OLT Rivierenhof

Stef Kamil Carlens, has not been idle after his breakthrough in germany in the mid – ’90s. In the meantime, he is an artist, a composer, a producer, and performed by Zita Swoon Group has a number of distinctive dance theatre performances in the country and abroad, with the price and were overcharged.
With a ‘Stuck-In-The-Status-Quo’ made by Stef Kamil Carlens, in 2017, are re-entered into the world of pop. What’s more, his debut album as a soloartiest is a return to the pure musical beauty that we all know of the Disaster Swoonoeuvre. Three years after, by the press and the public appreciated the return), Stef Kamil Carlens and his second solo album will be ready. He was Making Sense of Infinity’ (Making Sense of Self in their own personal Rabbit Field Studio in Hoboken, and worked in the picture there is completely off.

Carlens has worked for 2 years on this album. He has continued to refine the multi-layered arrangements that are fully balanced for the reception. With every listen stick to your new details to discover. The love of percussion, and an overall focus on the texture of the instruments is typical of the vibe of the Carlens’ award. You’ll hear dozens of instruments, but still sounds like it’s completely transparent. And even though he liked to experiment with unconventional textures, the album is an open and inviting sound.
“Carlens has a liedjesfluisteraar that with the soft-spoken magic spell over our heads, spread it, and here it is in a very good shape.” – Broadway (****)
After a successful fall, and wintertournee, is Stef Kamil Carlens, on the 6th of August, on stage at the OLT Rivierenhof in Deurne, the netherlands. Along with, Maarten Moesen, on drums, and Nicolas Rombouts on bass, Nell Ponsaers on the keys and to go Cinema on the harp, he brings new and old works from his extensive repertoire ranging from the melancholic to the superfunky.