Star of The Luizenmoeder death threats

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Serine Ayari know in the meantime, we are all as an absence of a response from The Luizenmoeder’. And it soon became an actress on the set of the popular television series are confronted with the holocaust. In real life you wear the woman is not veiled, but her role in The Luizenmoeder well. When she was on the set, appeared with her head covering said to someone once: ‘Oh, I thought you were the challenge was. Unfortunately, this will not be the only bias for the 28-year-old actress and comedian…

Serine Ayari’s in addition to actress, stand-up comedian, and takes her to the show in Flanders. During the show, she tells you that she is not a typical halaltype, and even alcohol. Soon it was pouring and her mailbox is full scheldtirades, and she received several death threats. “Others are hoping that I get raped or be murdered,” reveals a Serine Ayari at All.

But, Serine Ayari don’t be put off. She follows the advice of her father, and does not respond to such messages. There are also plenty of positive responses, by which they are able to go up. “I have to focus on the hatred of some of them does not make any sense,” says the actress.