John Smith, moved the concerts to the

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More bad news for the fans of john Smith, the lead singer was wed night that he is still not a performs. “I have found myself, in november, to publicly retract it because I’m both physically and mentally, no longer able to, to be able to accede to at present. Since that time I have had contact with a number of experts to talk about the rollercoaster that is my life for the past 23 years has been dominated. This process takes significantly more time-consuming than I had initially imagined,” writes john on Facebook.

In november it became known that he a few months of rest would have to take. His concerts, in Flanders, were put on hold and the next Sunday, he would have a concert in Hasselt, catch-up, then it would also get there on the turn. But the concerts don’t go on the scheduled date. People who have tickets to these concerts, which have been bought, the concert organizer, personally, to be notified as soon as a new date is announced. Some of The pop music festival, it was confirmed that the guest appearance of john doe is definitely going to happen.

How to Jan, no wind, it is not clear. “I’m determined to really be that I need to do to get back all the way to the old. The draw for the Eurovision song Contest after a month-long absence and a very, very nice and the owners are small in the beginning in order to be able to get used to at all, again, if you want to do it. I will note, however, that the live concerts are really a lot more takes than any of my other work, which I didn’t have an all-night, all don’t have to perform. For this reason, I along with my team, decided to play the scheduled concerts is still on the title, no matter how painful, I think, for those who already own a ticket has been purchased. I only have 1 body, and I noticed that I was, in retrospect, there’s no robot is expected to be,” Jan continued.