The VRT set of Raymond van het Groenewoud-in the flowers

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On Friday, the 14th of February, by 2020, we will celebrate not only Valentine’s day but also the birthday of Raymond van het Groenewoud. The founder of the self-Flemish rock is 70 years of age. Raymond, who is mainly known for the song ‘Girls’, ‘Flanders’ and ‘You’re veux de l’amour’ is celebrating its anniversary with a new album, ‘play by Play’. But, also, One, Radio 1 and Radio 2 to celebrate musical way. Thus launching One of its high-profile, three-part documentary, ” Raymond!, Radio 2 are staging a unique performance for the listeners of Radio 2. And Radio 1 will take on Raymond’s birthday, each and every one of his songs , chosen by the relatives and friends of the singer. Here’s how the TELEVISION networks-Raymond-in the flowers set.

Radio 1
On Sunday, the 9th of February, it is Raymond, from 11: 00 to 13: 00 as a guest on in Touch, with Friedl’ Lesage. On Friday, the 14th of February, start of Radio 1, each program-with-Raymond-a number, selected by the relatives and close friends. In the course of the day, we hear from Raymond himself seven times, and his favourite record from every year. On Saturday the 15th of February he was a guest in the Belpop, to have a conversation with Flores Judge, on his new album. On Monday the 20th to Friday the 24th of February, set the Radio 1 to have a new album, with tracks that Raymond is a time in itself would set in motion. And in the autumn the plant is a Radio 1 tribute session.

Radio 2
Radio 2 throughout the year, particular attention to Raymond. First of all, he is on the stage at the Radio 2 Concertcafé on Saturday, the 8th of February. As he puts it, whose number, during a unique, intimate concert for Radio 2 listeners, in the bar of The Kwinte into a peaceful oasis. On Friday, the 14th of February, the concert in its entirety to VRT is NOW available. Starting in april, monthly, every time an artist release a new version of a song from “Raymond” in order to do him honour. In this way, in the year of 2020, ‘the year of Raymond’ at the Radio 2).

A special documentary, of Raymond, on the One
In an exclusive, three-part documentary, ” Raymond! look for One to return to the life of Raymond van het Groenewoud and his half-century career. In a very personal episodes, sketches, both, to Raymond himself, as the people in his immediate vicinity, a fair and balanced view of his life and work, and at the sound of his wide body of work.
Raymond wanted to go along to get along, to work, to a bit of vanity, but because he has been honest films about heroes such as Eric Clapton, Chet Baker, and Chuck Berry. Three years is a long time, if a director, musician, Charles Mileghem it around to follow, and as the relationship grew, and came of all the subjects, there were no taboos about it. Charles grew up with the pictures of Raymond. By it was that he fell in love with music and became a musician.
Charles: “Everyone knows that, “Raymond” for a particular artist, but a very, very, very few people know the man behind the songs. I’m a big fan of his music, so Raymond come to know as the potential risks of piëdestal would turn out. But that didn’t happen, quite to the contrary. His honesty has given me an opportunity. I would also, with all the members of his personal circle to talk to, even if it did, that it is not necessary to be a positive story. Raymond is a brilliant thinker. Join in on the wave of his thoughts, and is a lady of virtue. It will give you energy. Even email, which he sent to me, it was a piece of poetry.”