Q3 is the first ever vinyl album from

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In a first of its kind in Q3, on march 6, 2020, for the very first Q3-vinyl album ever, with 10 things! In addition to Spotify, YouTube, cd’s, e’s.a. may be Q3, as of march 6th, also at the request of the fans, on vinyl and listened to this! Samson & Gert went to Q3, in 2019, all for their vinyl did it very well.

These songs are given a place of honor on the board:
1. Heyah mama
2. For 10,000 balloons
3. Kuma: hey
4. Tele-Romeo
5. Turn
6. Mamasé
7. Oya lélé
8. The 3 little pigs
9. All of the colors
10. My grandmother would be at the top