Pommelien was the second choice, and #LikeMe

bd0abf896eea3e6a1476586635cc0932 - Pommelien was the second choice, and #LikeMe

Pommelien He is the most powerful video players like Caro, in the Teen-hype, #LikeMe. However, the actress is in the first instance, disappointed with the return to the house after to play the role for which she auditioned was not received.

In the first instance be applied for the Pommelien, after all, to play the role of a ‘bitch’ Right. But, actually, it was a role she really doesn’t care. During the dansauditie know Pommelien all of that, they messed up originally. Certainly, when she afterwards, Right Dhondt is a much better audition, saw taking.