“Our daughter is called Delphine today, on the FOUR

"Our daughter is called Delphine today, on the FOUR

As a result of the recent news, DNA testing reveals that king Albert II is the biological father of Delphine Boël, will be FOUR in tonight’s two-part documentary, ‘Our Daughter is Called Delphine” re-integrated emission.

In 2013, break Sybille de Selys Longchamps, after more than 40 years of age, and the great silence. For nearly twenty years, and she had a relationship with the late king of the Belgians, Albert II. He is also the father of her daughter, Delphine Boël, who is hoping to be to finally be recognized as his daughter, and now reality shows are.
For the first time, spoke of Sybille de Selys Longchamps, openly, about her relationship with Albert is this: the very first meeting with prince Albert ii, in the birth in the presence of Albert, and the open confrontation with the Good,… for Nearly a year, she is to follow and interview by reportagemaker Eric Goens (The Nieuwshuis, as well as in their Belgian home in sint-genesius-rode, as if in a French farmhouse in the Provence region in france. An eye-opening article about a topic that for years was ignored by the Belgian royal family, which have a DNA test to finally put an end to it.

Dubbelaflevering, “Our daughter is called Delphine’, on Tuesday, January 28, in order to 22u15 to FOUR years old.