Get on Bart De Pauw’s second chance of the VRT?

Get on Bart De Pauw's second chance of the VRT?

The changes will be at the top of the VRT would be in favor of Bart, and The Others be able to work. The sacked managing director Paul Lembrechts, was the hardliner in the discharge of Bart De Pauw, as well. He has been backed by his number two, Peter Claes. However, the conflict between the two meant that in the meantime, Leo Hellemans has been appointed as the CEO on an ad interim basis. And that’s just the beginning of the control of the VRT is in the hands of when the peak value of Bart De Pauw for the VRT.

Especially among young people, it seems, the popularity of Bart De Pauw, is also steadily on the rise. They will discover via the online platforms are cultreeks Willy’s Marjetten, and beg more in order to have a second season.

In the television world, myself, Bart and The Others for a long time not all the bridges are blown up. Big names such as Jeroen Meus, Leen Dendievel, and Rik Verheye he has always openly support it.