Gerard Joling, the victim of a babbeltruc

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Gerard Joling, the victim of a babbeltruc

January 28, 2020 at 18:48
28-01-20 at 18:48
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Gerard Joling is a Sunday night a victim of a babbeltruc. The singer opened the door when an unknown woman aanbelde. They have penetrated in the living room, and let Joling know in the night.

According to the securities and exchange commission, John van den Heuvel, who has spoken with the singer’s Joling’s upset by the event. There will be surveillance video of the incident. It turns out that the woman was not alone in his residence hall.

Van den Heuvel said: “The woman walked in with a vague babbeltruc. She was very friendly with George. He thought at first that it might be someone from the neighborhood was there.” The lead singer was in a state of panic. “He had to make the neighbor will be called. That’s right, with two boys in the direction of the house came to be.”

The woman is nothing to be taken away from the house. The 59-year-old Joling has a Tuesday afternoon he was reported to the police.

Gerard Joling was already getting away from a break-in. In 2010, there were three masked men at his door, but knew not to open it.

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