The pieces are of Men will go back to the FOUR

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In the first season, of some of the People, the competition has never been more important, because of three new experts to interfere in the battle, note: if you have Carlo and Colorful, an antique dealer, Frank Van Laer, and a vintage specialist and He We are. So aces, this time a total of no fewer than eight experts in the same pieces. And that’s how they do it at a new location: the imposing “Verbeke Foundation”, which is one of the largest privémusea for contemporary art in Europe. Together, the five of trusted dealers and The ‘Devis’, Bie Baert, Sophie Van de Velde, Patrick van der Vorst and Paul The great, they will get the chance to be the best, most beautiful, most fun or the most exclusive stretch of the road to take it over to the front of their concullega’s.

What are the expert’s and the rest of you dealing with? So, who’s the gold stuff? And who is going to go away empty-handed? For sellers, it is one and only one thing is important: the highest possible price and negotiate. Whether it’s a Rolex, a Banksy painting, an image of Koons ‘ art is about, or the jacket of Paul, Jambers, nothing is too big or too small for us to sell. The experts will also get a visit from the renowned in Flanders. This way, the presenter Evy Gruyaert o.a. Erik Van Looy, Eddy Planckaert, John, Albert, and Bieke Ilegems.

Frank Van Laer
Frank had the love of all things antique in the world of his parents, and decided quickly to make his profession out of it. He studied antique restoration and fine art in Mechelen, belgium, and then went on to work as a restaurant owners in the Axel Vervoordt. A few years later, he opened his own conservation studio in Ekeren. It didn’t stop there Frank was, after all, also objects to sell. In the first instance, especially in French furniture, but soon also in English, the highlights of which he has about two times a week, from England, had come to you. In 1999, he purchased a splendid mansion in the rue léopold in Antwerp, where he has his business set up. ‘Away he There is by now a well-known name in the antiekbusiness.

Frank’s mixes at his place of business across a wide variety of styles. So does he has to go back to the 17th century, the pieces of furniture to decorate it with stuff from the ‘50s, and the art-for example, Charlotte DeCock and Panamarenko. In this way he is able to get antiques at a very different angle, and he lets young people see that the antique is not necessary, only for the older generation to the next. He often presents the objects and pieces of furniture that are somewhat unusual or uncommon, and have a passion for anything that special and original. His unique way of the eclectic combine, he pulled over into his dress style.

He After –
He We are a Chinese father and a scottish-Italian mother. His company, he called to his mother, ” Pellegrini Design. Entrepreneurship has always been in him for a number of years. Probably, that’s the Chinese genes from his father. Combine that with the Italian taste and design, then you’ll know where He stands.

Already from an early age on, He engaged in business. He started out as a boy selling serreglas, after that, he focused on the second-hand cars. But soon he became fascinated by the special pieces of furniture. In the meantime, he is all of 14 years old to work as a dealer specialising in vintage design classics. As a real vintagespecialist is considered to be one of the top in Belgium. His relaxed style, smile and you’ll get it for free, and for a good reason.
He is a true self-made man with a thriving business. He / she is buying, both in the netherlands and in the netherlands. Thus, each and every year, among other a lot of containers to and from the united states, where a lot of the vintage classics to be found. He has clients and collectors of his portfolio is in Europe, and especially in the Netherlands. In addition to the sale, he focuses on the rental of specialty items for movies and tv series. Recently, he focuses on homestaging, which make it quite difficult to sell the houses to help decorate for the auction design. Additionally, He is also office furniture, with vintage furniture, there are a personal touch to it.
In addition to the vintage chairs, and is He open to what he likes, and that can be very diverse. Self-collect from outside the exclusive pieces of furniture, even old cars and motorcycles, watches and clocks, and filmmemorabilia.

Carlo: Spotted
Carlo has Spotted and studied management at Cambridge university, Angers, Utrecht, the netherlands. At the age of 23, he made his first sale, so a passion for art and antiques created. In order to have the necessary international knowledge and experience to do so, was a young, note: if you have an internship at Christie’s in London. So he got in touch with Partridge Fine Art, a legendary gallery in New Bond Street. In the short time it worked for Pied to become the youngest director ever of this well-established by HRH Princess Michael of Kent as a ‘sign’. His first deal, he and Irina Abramovich. He took it in several times participated in international art fairs in London, Moscow and Palm Beach.

After 4 years, Carlo has returned to his roots in europe. Carlo, a Colorful Auctions grew over the past 10 years to become a well-established in the veilingwereld. He will specialise in quick and be the first one in Belgium, contemporary Asian art and has built up an extensive network in China. In the meantime, moves are also a big part of the European art of that time in the direction of China. The offer is very varied and of high quality.
The success of the Carlo-Motley Auctions is for a contemporary, professional approach, effective marketing and a big online presence, with the aim to create transparency in the international art market for both the buyer and the seller. This way, customers anywhere in the world to him ‘live’ and join the bidding by the world’s largest online platforms. His client base includes private collectors, museums, interior designers, and dealers, spread all over the world.
The auction house is located less than a kilometer from the main market square of Bruges, in a building of over 5000 square meters with a large private car park. His team, meanwhile, is off more than 10 people, driven by their shared passion for art, antiques and design.

Bie Baert
Bie is Why it is one of the few women in the antiekbusiness. It’s colourful and charming personality, which specializes in the unusual and the bizarre. They will scavenge on carrion and are constantly all over Europe in search of unique objects for her international client base is looking for. More than 25 years ago, opened a Bee in her very first boutique in the Antwerp area. Now, to work and to live at home, hidden somewhere in the green, between its world of objects.

Bie is specialized in European furniture from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, and in particular the objects, but at the same time, also very open to new and different horizons to explore. Bip has a preference for items that have withstood the ravages of time have eroded and are not perfect, things are a little different and with a story behind it. The age of an object, or if the price is less of a concern. As long as the objects of her touch. It was also exciting to see different styles combined together, the challenge is to bring the harmony to be found.