Studio 100 presents the big musical comedy with the music of Will Tura

Studio 100 presents the big musical comedy with the music of Will Tura

In the Flemish press, was this day convened at the headquarters of Studio 100 will be the announcement of a new large-scale project. The “Remember, Barbara” presenting, Studio 100 is the ultimate feel good musical by 2020! This year Will Tura 80’s. Not coincidentally, launched a Studio of 100 in this year, one of the most prestigious tributes to the emperor of the Flemish song. However, it is an ambitious project, it is immediately obvious from the composition of the hoofdcast that this was being proposed. No less a person than the founder and executive producer, Gert Verhulst, that makes this show musicaldebuut. He is assisted by the valves, as Jonas Van Geel, James, Cooke, and Jelle Cleymans in the new work, his sons are going to play out. The impressive hoofdcast on the podium, which is flanked by the 5 of the supporting roles, and a 20-piece ensemble, and a fabulous live orchestra with a musical and humorous journey through the rich body of work and the greatest hits from the icon of the Flemish music: Will Tura!

Gert Verhulst: “I have great admiration for Will Tura has been immense and I am truly a fan. Actually, it is Tura’s no singer, but just need a building! I am very, very glad that Will our faith to be rich in works to get you started. It will be very hard to get to this show from all of his wonderful songs. I, too, am very proud and grateful that I have the podium, to share with the valves, as Jonas Van Geel, James Cooke, and of Jelle Cleymans.”

Will Tura: “the spectacle of musical and 40-45, in which I, along with Steve Also wrote the music, went out in 2018 of a long-held dream come to fruition. The Studio 100’s performance is really something unique to be created. When Gert Verhulst, and they asked me if my music were used to create a new feel good musical to do with it, I have no second doubt! I have all the faith in them!

Great choice Of Blend, the CEO of Studio 100: “it is The story that we are writing in to the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater is getting better and better and last longer. After the succesmusicals 40-45, and Daens, I am very pleased that we are starting in november, “Remember, Barbara” welcome Again. This is not a story about a major historical theme, but with a swinging feel good musical!”