Tom, and We put, by 2020, with a new love duet

dc9397dd7e975d94f436b764c782e17d - Tom, and We put, by 2020, with a new love duet

Tom, and, Tamara, let’s say, for the She to Power and Al Bano, of Flanders, and convert it to the new year of right with a brand-new, heart-warming, liefdessingle! ‘The traces Of My Heart to top of hair, with A nod and a wink to Valentine’s day, the meeting place of love.
For the love of. It is for a lot of artists are a source of inspiration in terms of singing. Also, Tom and Tamara, who are not only in but also in in addition to to the stage a couple of, it is no different. Since both of the artists in 2013 and decided to stay on the steps, the love, the common thread throughout their music career.
By the end of 2018 brought to Tom, and We, their fans, to the luxurious ‘Bella Ciao’, a Dutch adaptation of the eponymous song by the Netflixreeks ‘Casa De Papel’ a new lease of life was given. Thus, the torque immediately for some Sunny warmth in these winter days.
From their new album ‘Tracks Of My Heart, to draw, Tom-and We once again work on the map of the Dutch schlagerpop. The melody of the song, by songwriter Sabien Tiels, that is, in the past, several of the songs for the couple at the other term, with a sensitive text.
“The traces Of My Heart ” is a completely different song than the previous single released from the album,” says Tamara. “We expect Tom and I to show that we are musically versatile and has a style to deal with. Tom enters its event, said: “every single we release, we want our audience to be surprised. We hope that our fans will be just as happy with the number, and if Tamara and I were when we got to the track in the studio went on to do warming up.”