PSV defending a 1-0-lead against Twente after the red and Afellay

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PSV defending a 1-0-lead against Twente after the red and Afellay

26th of January 2020 11:51 am
26-01-20 11:51 am
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The Club stand on Sunday with four matches on the schedule: Vitesse-FC Emmen (1-1), FC Groningen-Ajax (2-1) Willem II-PEC Zwolle (0-0) PSV eindhoven-FC Twente (16.45). In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on all the happenings.

Good afternoon and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I will keep you in the coming hours, informed of the latest developments in the games.

  • LIVE:
  • PSV eindhoven-FC Twente 1-to-1
  • Results:
  • Short-Emmen 1-To-1
  • Willem II-PEC 0-0
  • FC Groningen-Ajax amsterdam 2-1

PSV eindhoven and FC Twente, one minute ago,87′ GOAL for FC Twente. 1-to-1

What a gem of a goal from Haris Vuckic! The drive from FC Twente to shoot the ball from the bottom of the bar kiezelhard up against the ropes. Thus, the red card, Ibrahim Afellay of PSV is very expensive, too.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 6-minute geleden82′ the Third alternate player: Cody Gakpo, go to the end and will be replaced by Érick Gutiérrez.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 6-minute geleden81′ BACKLINE has come flocking back in their own half to take the 1-0 over the line to draw. It’s a word, it is now at FC Twente, and at the ten-looks, a perfect opportunity to get at least a point to take it over from Eindhoven, the netherlands.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 9-minute geleden79′ Second-change player: Bruma will be thanked for services rendered, and have the responsibility to submit to Ritsu Doan.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 13-minute geleden75′ Red card for PSV! Ibrahim Afellay may leave after a hard charge at the address of Oriol Busquets. The chief advantage is there to using a straight leg in a touch of the ball, but the referee Siemen Mulder is good enough for the second goal by Afellay. PSV have ten people in the 1-0 over the line to draw. Afellay misses because of this, after all, the away game against Ajax.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · up to 14 minutes geleden74′ PSV is a result of FC Twente, and is walking anxiously back. Selahi get a space to get out of it, and does so very nicely, but it is not effective: right next to it and about it.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · up to 14 minutes geleden73′ Lars Unnerstall occurs here, at the end of the FC Region. Zekhnini, after a fine pass from the midfielder, only for the German keeper and it produces a wippertje that Unnerstall with a fist to the harmless make. If FC Twente are here to be scored at all, it was the value of a slash is put through the 1-to-1, as Zekhnini was, at the time of the play being offside.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · 16 hours ago

No euphoria or joy, but a serious look at Using the Dumfries after his opening goal against FC Twente.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · 18 hours ago

Melodic RANGE men search for Denzel Dumfries, on the rechtervleugelverdediger that after a little over an hour, finally the spell is breaking for MANU in the home game against FC Twente.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 20-minute geleden68′ all of a sudden does the game is up and down in the Philips Stadion. FC Twente to break through a Rafik Zekhnini, but the shot of the Norway attacker is missing a lot of power, and in the direction of.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 21-minute drive geleden67′ Kostas Mitroglou will have a mandated opportunity for the score to be doubled for the player, but the Greek striker to blast five feet from the body of FC Twente, goalkeeper Joel Devil. Also, the rebound isn’t wasted on him, because he will get the ball against his arm.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 22-minute geleden66′ Noah a Long time to send a beautiful cross in from the left-hand side of FC Twente, but He Bees know that the ball is not in his head to be touched. It was a nice opportunity for the visitors, who for the first time, attempt to make.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · 24 minutes ago

Especially in the Cody Gakpo, it will openingsdoelpunt of Denzel Dumfries, for the relief of worry. The twenty-year-old attacker has decided to close after the peace and quiet in a very favorable situation for yourself, to get to the place of your ball on, Sam Lammers, who has the ball in front of the punch it had.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · 28 minutes ago –61′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-0

Can finally break PSV’s spell at FC Twente. His Devil is given the shot distance of the Ibrahim Afellay is not under the control of the Denzel Dumfries would be a breeze to get the rebound to work with.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 31-minute geleden56′ PSV eindhoven claimed a penalty when he was Ihattaren on the ground will be done by Julio Pleguezuelo, but the referee Siemen Mulder’s see, there’s nothing in it.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · 33 minutes and geleden55′ First-change player: Sam Lammers about it and need to get to the end. Kostas Mitroglou will be under the supervision of a flute concerto on the field.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 34-minute geleden53, ” It is clearly not a very good player, as Muhammed Ihattaren will get the full blast as he and the ball does not travel in a favorable position.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 35-minute geleden52′ Jorrit Hendrix to leave here as a warrior, who at all costs wants to win the game, after all, a superb care for the animals and it prevents the shot from Aitor Cantalapiedra on the purpose of the Unnerstall’s going.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 38-minute geleden49′ Learn Gakpo, isn’t it. The young attacker’s looks has plenty of space and have to hit the ball over to Sam, Lammers, who is totally free, but the Gakpo, shoot yourself. The attempt to sail the ship next to it. Lammers hassles then Gakpo is completely rotted away.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 40-minute geleden48 For the first time, this game puts FC Twente, with a smooth attack to the mat, but the Tukkers are able to the Truth is goal is under attack, and to take it. This Is the starting point for Twente’s wave of attacks?PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · 43 minutes ago, theKick-off! The ball is rolling once again at the Philips Stadion. Can a PSV player in the second half of the wall will be built for FC Twente and demolish it?PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · 43 minutes ago

Theatrical shows, Siemen Mulder into the catacombs of the Philips Stadium are in the yellow and red card in the camera. In other words, the arbitrator can award it to your heart’s content with the cards to scatter.PSV eindhoven and FC Twente, one from an hour ago

PSV dominated the game against FC Twente (0-0), but it is not effective for the purposes of the statistics, the first half of the show:

PSV eindhoven-FC Twente:
Ball possession: 65%-35%
The end: 9-2
Shots on goal: 2-0
Violations: 2-8PSV-FC-Twente-one hour ago

Peace of mind! No, Steven Bergwijn in the clash, but His angled drive at the base, dominated PSV in the first half against FC Twente, but the team’s coach Ernest Faber is to know the Dutch wall is not to be demolished, in spite of all the opportunities for Muhammad to Ihattaren. The Tukkers are making a weak impression, and to do a tentative nothing more than to stop it.PSV-FC Twente the one-hour geleden43′ Bruma dribbles, there is a risk, and lie in wait, and takes at last to the trigger, but the effort was weak and easy prey for FC Twente, his His Devil.PSV-FC Twente the one-hour geleden38′ BACKLINE once again made it to the end, but the finish leaves a lot to be desired. Denzel Dumfries with a header from PSV’s right Bruma, but the Portuguese attacker will hit the ball is not under control.PSV eindhoven and FC Twente, one from an hour ago

The PSV combines all their tricks on the loose and the set of FC Twente, with their backs against the wall, but the Locals are still not able to make it to the Twente region, the resistance to the demolitions. Also, Muhammad Ihattaren, shown in the photo, it is not enough to get through the defense with her.PSV-FC Twente the one-hour geleden30′ is A hilarious scene at the Philips Stadion. The referee Siemen Mulder, want to have a goal for FC Twente midfielder Selahi for a hard sliding tackle on Afellay, but he does not have it in his bum bag to sit. Mulder walks over to the side to see a copy of the fourth official to take a loan.PSV eindhoven and FC Twente, one from an hour ago

This season let it be a part of the avid supporters of PSV eindhoven have been the dissatisfaction expressed in the policy of the directors of Toon Gerbrands (in general), and John Young (technically). PSV is this season’s already off to Europe, and the titelrace and THE cup.PSV-FC Twente the one-hour geleden27′ Ibrahim Afellay has, for the first time to apply for a PSV player. The captain takes in the goal of FC Twente under attack, but the keeper and His Devil is in the right place, and you can get the ball easily into his hands to grasp it.PSV-FC Twente the one-hour geleden23 ” Because it is the first opportunity for FC Twente. Jesse Bosch-get a bit of room to get out of it, and pulls the trigger. The shot lacks the direction of high on.PSV-FC Twente the one-hour geleden21′ is An integral part of the fanatical following of the pitch is showing signs containing the critical content and the address of the ” director Toon Gerbrands, and John Young. The “show balls and not books, and there’s more. And, John, we have to be ready, pick up your stuff.”PSV-FC Twente the one-hour geleden18′ the PSV set, and is waiting for a New match. Bruma puts in the ball to be ready for Denzel Dumfries, that it’s not good to hit high in the goal of FC Twente’s shortcomings.PSV eindhoven and FC Twente, one from an hour ago

The aspect ratio for the first quarter of an hour in the Philips Stadium, is illustrated in a picture: Denzel Dumfries gets up and sends a pass to the front, while Jesse Bosch, FC Twente’s too late.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden10, ” There is almost a strike for PSV eindhoven. Mohamed Ihattaren can be found in the penalty area of FC Twente, and push the ball in with his left hand right in front of. The Locals are off to a good start.Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Ten Hag: “As we end, we would have to start
Ajax coach Erik ten Hag is not happy with the level of February in the match against FC Groningen in the netherlands. “We played a very bad first half. There was a lot of to be very little pace in it and we weren’t very good on the ball”, and concluded At the Hag across from FOX Sports. “The changes have had the desired impact, but if you do you’ll already be 2-0 behind. The contest will end, we also need to start doing that.”PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden7, ” The intent of the pitch have been evident in the early stages: the Locals like to dominate, to attack, against FC Twente, which is fearful of the interview has to offer, and is a quick escape with the three big strikers on the front line.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · 2 hours ago theKick-off! Sam, Lammers, and has kicked off out in. PSV eindhoven and FC Twente, has started.PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · a 2-hour geledenDe of the players of PSV eindhoven and FC Twente will enter the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven, the netherlands. What is the team’s coach Ernest Faber is in the mix after the transferverzoek of the attacker, Steven Bergwijn, and, more importantly, the bekerechec against STOKE (2-0) last Thursday?FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Tadic: ‘Injuries, it should not be used as an excuse’
“This was not a good thing. We have a lot of experience in the squad and should be looking in the mirror,” is Ajax’s captain Dusan Tadic from FOX Sports’ apologetic after the 2-1 defeat to FC Groningen in the netherlands. The rush of the wild with the injury of Daley Blind, André Onana, Hakim Ziyech, and David Neres, not as the cause of the disaster to perform. “We have had a lot of injuries, but now the other players have the opportunity to grasp it. We are using Ajax, the biggest club in the country. It should not be used as an excuse. We need to play better.”PSV eindhoven-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

Player is, at this point, anything but football, because of the turmoil in the executive board and the impending transfer of Steven Bergwijn, to back to White hart lane. However, it is for the home game against FC Twente, a fact to be noted. Ibrahim Afellay is on for the first time since 2010 in the united of the Locals. The 33-year-old Utrechter contributes to the aanvoerdersband.Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Te Wierik: “the Basis for the victory in the first-half,”
Mike Te Wierik is very proud of his team after the 2-1 win at the top of the league. “Our first half was good,” he said to FOX Sports. “In the second half, you’ll see that Ajax is a good team, we were the forces of the road. Nice, that second half didn’t fall. We have the foundation for a victory in the first-half put in.”Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Ajax looks over on the AZ fade away after a defeat in Groningen, the netherlands
It’s the difference between Ajax and AZ, it is another three points. The Locals to lose 2-1 in new york. The Locals are playing a very heavy game and it will only be launched after FC Groningen and by the goals of The Sierhuis, and Ramon Lundqvist with a 2-0 comes up. Donny van de Beek, brings the excitement of twenty minutes, time is still in the game, but in the end it’s not enough.Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago itwill be over! Groningen to win by 2-1 by Ajax.Groningen-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden90 and 3′ to The last minute is started. Is there still a chance?Willem II-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago

Wilhelm II biting themselves in Zwolle
William II succeeds is in its own house to win over PEC Zwolle. The team of coach Adrie Koster, a surprising number of four of the Premier league, will not go beyond a goalless draw against the laagvlieger from Zwolle, the netherlands. Ten minutes before the time of PEC Zwolle defender Thomas Lam and a red card for bringing down a breakthrough single player, but Willem II’s advantage in the hustle and bustle of the day, not by the numerical majority of the members.Groningen-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden90+2 ” That was a little Traoré! He’s hit the ball out of turn over!!!Groningen-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden90′ It was Groningen once again have a chance to win the decisive match. Memisevic in a headline next to it.Groningen-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden90 ” There will be four minutes of stoppage time at the in Groningen, the netherlands. Keep the three points in the North, or to deal with the Locals even have a point?Back to top

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