Bart, From the Middle of the kick tour in Roma

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To The Epicureans, wrote to Bart Van Loo is an unprecedented success: more than 140,000 copies sold, positive reviews, and is one of the most popular podcasts in the Low Countries. For his victory in style crafted meesterverteller From the Middle of his oerverhaal is a unique piece of storytelling. That is, he brings it on december 20, 2020, to 15, you will have its premiere on the stage of The Hair. As of January 2021, touring Van Loo has been extended through Flanders and Holland, and with such much talked about performance.

In order to realize where we have come from crosses, Bart Van Loo in the fascinating medieval times and tells the story of the tribes of the low countries: and the Burgundians. He takes us on a tour along the stakes, and the banquets, and the and the most important thing (knight, Jeanne d’arc, and king Philip, the Good, the schizophrenia of the kings and the genius of the artist. A historic collection, which ends with the formation of the Low-Countries.

For the Gourmets, it is an exciting and educational show, in which Van Loo, in a masterly manner, that our history unfolds. Just think of the battles and the men at the front, à la Games of Thrones. Just think of the picture books of the country’s Glory days. You can also think of the history lessons of your very best teachers. The humour and the tension. Anecdote, and insight. Are you ready for an exciting piece of history.

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