Waes dare to not do drugs any more

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Waes dare to not do drugs any more

25 January, 2020 08:07 am
25-01-20 08:07 am
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Tom Waes (51) has, in the past, many different drugs are tried, but now he dares not. This explains that the Belgian actor is in talks with the Dutch newspaper The Volkskrant.

“A lot of that stuff is a lot cleaner and is much stronger than ever,” according to Waas. “Last time I took a puff of a joint, well, what the fuck. That is, it is not soft any more.”

And, In true story-based series is Going to play the Waas, the role of the undercoveragent, Bob Lemmens, who hunt in the vicinity ecstasy dealer from the Ferry He. The actor is hoping that his three young children, not ecstasy, use: “I’m really sorry. For my generation, a lot of people are lost to drugs, and promising guests that they are being watched slip into ecstasy, and cocaine.”