Twin sister is based, Tanja Dexters

Twin sister is based, Tanja Dexters

Private events after the end of the Miss Belgium election resulted in yet another incident, Tanja Dexters. However, the former Miss Belgium, there is always the support of her twin sister, Molly can count. “Tanja is always welcome to me, and bear witness, Further on in the Story.

Molly wants to be in the final incident, the incident will not blow up. “With us, Tania has been for a long time,” says Molly makes it clear in the magazine. They are doing everything possible to get back to the right path, sounds like the twin sister of Tanja Dexters.

According to the World is Tania still is a part of Michael. The clanging fight, after the Miss Belgium contest, it would do nothing to change. But when Tania will be any problems to just blow up, you hear the sound of the heavy-hearted in the World.

Tania is living now in an apartment in the netherlands, but she knows that she will always be welcome in her own World, and She says sister Molly in the Story. “We will always be there for Tania and her daughter, Valentina,” does it sound clear.