LikeMe, which dominates Teen-party

b15c7f796bc54d34f1c029d581adf23c - LikeMe, which dominates Teen-party

#LikeMe it was, tonight was the big winner at the Teen-the Gala of the Golden K’s. The programme has been on since last year, with a real hype and no less than 5 Gold A’s award-winning: for the ” Teen actor/actress of the year (Pommelien City), ‘Last guest of the year” (Maksim Stojanac), Band of the year’, ‘Teen’ series of the year, ” and ” the Cool chick of the year (Pommelien City).

#LikeMe is convincing, both to the young Teen viewers and their parents and grandparents, and sticks with the classics of the Flemish song, in a modern, fresh new look. A formula that is clearly catching on.